Chocolate Liqueur with Thermomix

Chocolate Liqueur with Thermomix  
Do you like Chocolate Liqueur? You can prepare it at home so that you know how it is done, you will save money and you friends will love it and they will say: "Did you really do it?!" And you will proudly answer: "Yes! With my Thermomix!".

This recipe unifies the chocolate taste and virtues to the pleasure of having a good liqueur at the end of your meals.

I usually care of every little details when I prepare dinner for my friends and I like ending the meal with some home made liqueurs. Is there anything better than a chocolate liqueur? Chocolate liqueur is trendy but if you buy it, it is so expensive and you will never know how it was made.

During summer you can preserve it in your freezer beside your limoncello (it is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy), while during winter you may place it next to the other liqueurs at room temperature.

If you like preparing chocolate drinks with Thermomix, I suggest you the Hot Chocolate recipe and, if you can't take milk, the Free-Milk Hot Chocolate recipe.


- 1 Litre whole milk
- 600 g white sugar
- 200 g unsweetened chocolate
- 200 g alcohol 95% or scotch

Let's cook

Put 1 Litre whole milk, 600 g white sugar and 200 g unsweetened chocolate in the mixing bowl. Cook 5 Min. 90C Speed 2.

Let cool

Add 200 g alcohol 95% or scotch and mix 20 Sec. Speed 2

Pour the liqueur in a hermetic glass jar.

Let rest for a month.


After the preparation, you can filter the liqueur with a strainer or with a dry cloth before you pour it in the jar.
Translated from the Italian recipe: Liquore al Cioccolato Bimby Copyright: Chocolate Liqueur with Thermomix from Thermomix Recipes
Photocredit: Thermomix Recipes