Philadelphia Cheese, Tuna, Heavy Cream and Anchovies Sauce with Thermomix

Philadelphia cheese, tuna, heavy cream and anchovies. Do you think these ingredients can't be combined? Instead they create a really special sauce when mixed together.

Recipe was sent by Erika from Turin but it comes from her mum who called it Ninetta Sauce.

This sauce is perfect with roasted red peppers or alone with toasted sliced bread.

Erika is really good at preparing starters. She also sent me the Green Olives and Cheese Paté recipe.

Get ready! She has got many new ideas!


(don't weigh anything)

- 1 Carton of Heavy Cream
- 1 Tin of Tuna in Oil
- 1 Carton of Philadelphia Cheese ( 75 g )
- 4-5 Anchovies Fillets in Oil

How to prepare Philadelphia Cheese, Tuna, Cream and Anchovies Sauce

Put all the ingredients in the bowl. 3 Min. 37° Speed 8-9.

Erika's Advice

You can use this sauce at warm or room temperature.

Translated from the Italian recipe:
Salsa Philadelphia, Tonno, Panna e Acciughe: Salsa Ninetta col Bimby