Chocolate Salami with Thermomix

Would you like to prepare a delicious and original dessert? A chocolate salami is the best choice. A sensational dessert that you may prepare previously and put in the freezer, ready to offer to your unexpected guests or to satisfy a sudden wish of sweet food. Here it is in different varieties.

Chocolate salami is a dessert with thousands of varieties, but it always involves cocoa, butter, sugar and eggs. Obviously it can't be considered a low fat recipe, but it is like one of those sin of gluttony we must enjoy sometimes without being too much worried about calories !!! :-)

My grandmother used to prepare a great chocolate salami and she preserved it in the freezer for us, her grandchildren. It was a very funny idea...eating a sweet...salami! Children have fun when they see things that are not "as usual", so a sweet salami is well comic in their eyes and it is also a good dessert to offer in children parties.

And what about chocolate comforting power? It makes this dessert a very good remedy for heartbroken friends and people who are in need of consolation. The proof of the pudding!

It is also a very convenient dessert you prepare in advance and it is very easy to make because you don't need to cook it in the oven! So, enjoy your meal!!

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Recipe N° 1: Video Recipe


- Butter
- Bitter chocolate, 70%
- Icing Sugar (as much as needed)
- Digestive Biscuits
- Almonds
- Dried Cranberries
- Candied Ginger
- Pistachios
- 2 Egg Yolks
- Port Wine
- Condensed Milk
- Unsweetened Cocoa powder (as much as needed)

My Advice

I loved this recipe because of the way the author dressed the salami. It looks like it is real!

Recipe N° 2

This is Lucia Averaimo's recipe.


- 90 g Roasted Hazelnuts
- 90 g Dry Biscuits
- 180 g Sugar
- 90 g Butter
- 180 g Margarine
- 3 Egg Yolks
- 90 g Cocoa

How to prepare the Chocolate Salami

Put hazelnuts in the bowl and push Turbo Speed button for 3 times. Put aside.

Put the biscuits in the mixing bowl. 5 Sec. Speed 6.

Add the other ingredients and the crushed hazelnuts. 5 Sec. Speed. 4 Clockwise Counter, using the spatula.

Shape this mixture into 2 roll and place on aluminium foils. Put in the fridge for at least 6 Hours before serving.

My Advice

Add some instant coffee to this recipe. It will acquire a very special flavour!

Recipe N° 3

This is Arcodamore's (Barbara 74) recipe. You can find it here She has written: "I made three little salamis and I put them in the freezer. They'll be ready for some unexpected guests!"


- 1 Glass UHT Semi Skimmed Milk
- 200 g Sugar
- 200 g Butter
- 75 g Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
- 750 g Dry Biscuits
- 100 g Amaretti (Italian almond flavoured biscuits)
- 1 Small Cup Rum

How to prepare the Chocolate Salami

Grind biscuits and amaretti. 7 Sec. Speed 8. Put aside.

Melt butter with sugar. 5 Min. 60°C Speed 3.

Add rum, milk and sifted cocoa powder. 10 Sec. Speed 5.

Pour in a bigger bowl and mix with biscuits until you create a well thick and solid mixture.

Shape as a salami and place on a rectangular tray.

Put it in the fridge if you are going to eat it on the same day. Otherwise, you may keep it in the freezer for a long time.

Recipe N° 4

This is's recipe taken from


- 200 g Dry Biscuits
- 50 g Peeled Almonds
- 100 g Soft Butter
- 100 g Sugar
- 2 Eggs
- 40 g Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
- Rum or Marsala to taste

How to prepare the Chocolate Salami

Put the almonds in the mixing bowl and grind. Speed Turbo.

Add biscuits and grind grossly with almonds.

Put aside.

Put the butter, the sugar, the cocoa powder and the eggs. Mix 2 Min. Speed 1.

Add the biscuits and almonds mixture and rum. 1 Min. Speed 1.

Put this mixture on an aluminium foil and wrap it creating a salami shape.

Put in the freezer for 1 Hour and then keep refrigerated.

How to prepare the Chocolate Salami without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe
Salame al Cioccolato Bimby