Chocolate Salami with Thermomix

Chocolate Salami with Thermomix

In my house the chocolate salami is absolutely a must! I don't have time to do it that the children devour it. One piece after another, as happens, in fact, with salami. :-)

In fact, I didn't even have time to take the photo that ...

I often do it also for birthdays, because I use the elongated shape to form the numbers of the years of the children or the initials of the names. A nice idea, isn't it?

In short, it is an effective dessert to be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer, ready to take out for unexpected guests or to satisfy a sudden desire for dessert.

My grandmother made an excellent chocolate salami and kept it in the freezer for us grandchildren. It was fun the idea of eating a salami ... sweet! Children make laugh at things that deviate from the normal rules of reality, so sweet salami is very fun for them and for this reason it is also a nice idea to offer at children's parties.

Not to mention the consoling power of chocolate, which makes this cake an excellent remedy for broken-hearted friends and to alleviate all kinds of despondency and disappointment. Seeing is believing!


- 250 g petit biscuits or Marie
- 45 g unpeeled almonds
- 45 g hazelnuts
- 100 g unsalted butter
- 40 g bitter cocoa
- 200 g granulated sugar
- 2 medium whole eggs
- Powdered sugar to taste

Let's cook

Place 250 g petit biscuits or Marie in the mixing bowl. Coarsely chop 5 Sec. Speed 4. Set aside.

Add 45 g unpeeled almonds and 45 g hazelnuts. Mix 3 Sec. Speed 7. Set aside with the chopped cookies.

Add 100 g unsalted butter and cook 2 Min. 60C Speed 1. If the butter isn't completely melted, increase the time.

Add 40 g unsweetened cocoa, 200 g granulated sugar, 2 medium whole eggs, the reserved biscuits and dried fruit (almonds + hazelnuts chopped). Mix 20 Sec. Speed 3.

Put the mixture obtained on a sheet of silver paper or backing paper and shape it into a salami.

Wrap in silver paper or backing paper and place in the freezer.

Defrost a few hours before serving, so that the salami is no longer frozen but still has a hard and compact consistency.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar to taste


I prefer to freeze the chocolate salami, instead of just putting it in the refrigerator, to avoid any risk that comes from eating raw eggs.

You can make two salami, which are more practical to use and freeze, or a single salami.

The type of nuts varies: not only almonds and hazelnuts, but also walnuts, peanuts ...

You can blend the cookies more according to your tastes!

Don't like the idea of raw eggs? You can try the recipe for chocolate salami without eggs, or replace the eggs with a little jam, such as apricots :-)

Translated from the Italian recipe
Salame al Cioccolato Bimby
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