Bacon and Peppers Pasta with Thermomix

Have you ever thought of using Thermomix for cooking spaghetti? This Bacon and Red Peppers Pasta is perfect for you. This is a very tasty dish, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

As its name tells, the main ingredients are red and yellow peppers and bacon, but you may use green peppers and pancetta according to your personal taste.

The recipe has been sent by Katia De Girolamo who wrote: " I ate this pasta at my friend's who hadn't got Thermomix and then I adapted it to mine; I saved time and effort". The picture comes from Katia too!

I prepared this spaghetti when my Spanish friends came to my house. Maria, a Spanish friend of mine prepared the Paella. I made this recipe using pancetta because I wanted to bring the paella's peppers flavour to the table but with a traditional Italian touch. Everyone liked it, Spanish and not!

If you like peppers you may try the Bell Peppers Tart, the Stuffed Bell Peppers and the Sicilian Peperonata.

While if you like pancetta instead, I suggest Pancetta, Chard and Parmesan Cheese Pasta, Amatriciana Pasta Sauce, Lasagne with Radicchio and Pancetta and Stuffed Round Zucchini.


- 500 g Spaghetti Pasta
- 200 g Yellow Pepper
- 200 g Red Pepper
- 80 g Bacon (or Smoked Pancetta)
- 20 g Basil
- 20 g Parsley
- 50 g Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (to cook) + to taste
- 1 Shallot
- 1 L Water
- Salt to taste

How to prepare the Bacon and Peppers Pasta with Thermomix

Put the red pepper, parsley and basil in the bowl. 40 Sec. Speed 4. Put this sauce aside.

Add oil and shallot in the bowl. 2 Min. 100°C Speed 4.

Add diced bacon and the yellow peppers into strips. 2 Min. 100°C Speed Gentle Stirring Reverse.

Put water in the bowl and salt. 7 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 1.

When it boils pour spaghetti through the bowl hole and cook. 3 Min. 100°C Speed Gentle Stirring Reverse.

Once the spaghetti get down, set their cooking time.

Pour them in a serving dish and dress with the sauce left aside before, add oil if you like.

Katia's Advice

You may replace the shallot with onion or garlic according to your taste.

My Advice

To give a crunchy touch to the dish, put some bacon slices into the oven and let brown. Add them to the pasta before serving.

Rosanna Perrella's Advice

Add some heavy cream (strictly made with Thermomix) and scamorza cheese in cubes: I prepared it during my last cooking course and it was a success!!! Even a risotto cooked in this way is delicious!. Kissss.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Pasta con Peperoni e Bacon col Bimby