Italian Herbs Rice with Thermomix

This recipe for rice with aromatic herbs with Thermomix was taught to me by my father-in-law, who prepares it with fresh herbs harvested in the Tuscan countryside. :-D

Mint, rosemary and sage: blended together with the Thermomix they become a very tasty pesto with healthy effects. An inexpensive recipe that makes you look great thanks to the scent of herbs that emanates from the dish.

They are herbs that at least I always have on the balcony. And when someone gets bored, I always have the excuse to knock on the neighbor, ask for a few twigs or leaves and ... have a chat!


Serves 4 people

- A sprig rosemary + as needed to decorate
- A sprig mint + as needed to decorate
- 5 sage leaves + as needed to decorate
- 20 g pine nuts
- One shallot
- 50 g extra virgin olive oil
- 200 g rice (Carnaroli or Arborio type)
- ½ measuring cup of dry white wine
- 430 g boiling water
- A tsp Thermomix vegetable stock
- Salt to taste
- 20 g unsalted butter
- Parmesan cheese to taste

Let's cook

Wash and dry the herbs.

Put in the mixing bowl the needles of a sprig of rosemary, the leaves of a sprig of mint, 5 sage leaves and 10 g of pine nuts and chop slightly 20 Sec.Speed 6. Set aside.

Peel a shallot, cut it in half, put it in the mixing bowl and chop slightly 3 Sec. Speed 7. Repeat if necessary.

Collect the bottom with the spatula, add 50 g of extra virgin olive oil and fry 4 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 1.

Add 200 g rice and cook 2 Min. 100C Speed Soft.

Pour ½ measuring cup of dry white wine and let it evaporate for 3 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed Soft, without measuring cup.

Pour 430 g boiling water, add a tsp vegetable stock, mix with the spatula and cook for the time indicated on the rice package 100C Reverse Soft Speed, without measuring cup.

5 Min. From the end of cooking, add the chopped aromatic herbs set aside.

After cooking, taste and, if necessary, add salt.

Combine 20 g unsalted butter and cook 1 Min. Reverse Soft Speed.

Leave to rest for 1 min., then arrange on plates, add a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese, decorate with the aromatic herbs, the remaining pine nuts and serve.


Greedy dish? Add 3 tbsp of liquid cream to the chopped herbs, reducing the amount of cooking water by 30 g. To give a fresh note, just before the end of cooking, add some grated lemon zest or a little ginger. ;-)
Translated from the Italian recipe
Riso alle Erbe col Bimby
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