Profiteroles : Choux Pastry Puffs with Thermomix

Do you want to prepare the perfect choux pastry puffs? With Thermomix you can prepare very good filled choux pastry puffs. And when we talk about filled puffs, we also talk about the classic Profiteroles!!!

Everyone thinks making puffs is a very difficult thing so they buy them in a confectioner's. Only a few people has ever thought to prepare them at home. With this recipe you'll be able to prepare these fantastic those small delicacies that attract us so much from their counter on your own, in a very simple way and in particular without dirtying any pans or saucepans!!!

The choux pastry recipe comes from France (where they are called "petits choux", that is "sprouts") but nowadays it has become part of Italian traditional Sunday feast. It could be a big satisfaction for you to bring to the table some puffs or a profiteroles entirely made by yourself, couldn't it?

This recipe has been sent by Eufemia from Grottole (in the province of Matera) who wrote: "They are my strong point. Every time I prepare them they're more and more good and everyone likes them!! ;-)". Eufemia suggests these filled puffs with three very scented cream fillings: orange, chocolate and coffee creams.

I suggest you try them with the classic Thermomix Custard filling or with Whipped Cream.


For the Puffs (from the basic cookbook)
- 250 g Water
- 150 g Flour
- 100 g Butter
- 4 Eggs
- 1 Pinch Salt

For the Orange Cream and the Chocolate Cream
- 500 g Milk Semi-Skimmed
- 80 g Sugar
- 2 Eggs (better fresh eggs)
- 1 Measuring Cup Flour
- 1 Vanillin Sachet or a Tbs of Vanilla Sugar
- 1 Untreated Orange Zest
- Unsweetened Cocoa Powder to taste
- Chocolate to taste

For the Coffee Cream
- 400 g Milk Semi-Skimmed
- 100 g Liquid Coffee
- 80 g Sugar
- 2 Eggs (better fresh eggs)
- 1 Vanillin Sachet or a Tbs of Vanilla Sugar
- 1 Pinch Instant Coffee Powder

For the topping
- Chocolate to taste
- 1 Knob Butter

How to prepare the Profiteroles Choux Pastry Puffs with Thermomix

For the Puffs
Put water, salt and butter in the bowl. 10 Min. 100°C Speed 3.

Add flour and mix until you have a non-sticky dough. 20 Sec. Speed 4.

Let it cool very well.

Add eggs, one by one. 40 Sec. Speed 6.

Using a piping bag pipe the mixture into small balls in lines on a baking pan.

Bake in fan-assisted oven for 20 Min. 160°C/180°C and then 20 Min. 200°C.

For the Orange Cream Filling
Prepare icing sugar. 30 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add orange zest. 30 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add milk, eggs, sugar, flour, vanillin (or Vanilla Sugar) and cook. 7 Min. 80°C Speed 4.

For the Chocolate Cream Filling
Use half of the orange cream and add unsweetened cocoa powder to it. 10 Sec. Speed 4.

Let cool and then add some pieces of chocolate. 5 Sec. Speed 4.

For the Coffee Cream Filling
Put all the ingredients in the bowl and cook. 7 Min. 80°C Speed 4.

Use a piping bag to pipe the creams into the profiteroles.

For the topping
Put chocolate and the knob of butter in the bowl. 1 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Pour this icing over the profiteroles.

Eufemia's Advice

You may add some puffed rice to the chocolate cream before you blend. Profiteroles can be served one by one or one upon the other creating like a waterfall, and covered with chocolate. If you like exaggerating, you can dress with tufts of whipped cream.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Bignè Farciti: Profiteroles Bimby

Photocredit: Istelleinad