Thermomix dinner recipes

Thermomix dinner recipes

The top 20 of the best Thermomix recipes for dinner

Do you want to know which are the 20 top dinner recipes to prepare with the Thermomix for my family and me? Here is the selection of the best family thermomix dinner: there are easy, creative, healthy and vegetarian thermomix dinner recipes!

Thermomix Dinner Recipes: the best with the approval of my family!

What could be better, at the end of a tiring day, than going home, turning on the Thermomix and enjoying an excellent recipe prepared without effort? The ideal is 30 minute thermomix meals, but also something that takes longer and can be prepared in advance is fine, don't you think?

Below you will find 20 dinner recipes distributed by type. These are our favorites, but you can explore the different categories by clicking on the linked words. Have a nice dinner !!

Easy thermomix dinner recipes

Mac and cheese

Here are some ideas for simple and quick recipes for dinner, but also delicious: you deserve them after a day of hard work! So off to pasta, risotto and quinoa

Let's start with the classic Mac & Cheese, a complete, warm and comfortable dish.

In Italy, when we don't know what to do for dinner, the solution is: risotto! If you know the basic technique, you put in what you have and then go easy. Here are two ideas that we really like: pumpkin and provolone risotto (but you can change cheese), and mushroom risotto.

Another great idea is quinoa salad, a nutritious dish rich in vegetables!

An easy and fun idea is to make Crispy Pancakes, loved by children, also loved by mum and dad.

Here, for you, a dish that is now internationally appreciated: carbonara. If you prepare it with the right ingredients, your dinner will be memorable.

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30 minute Thermomix meals

Hummus Thermomix

A nutritious and quick dinner to make? If I use eggs, I am never disappointed :-) And then off to scrambled eggsand omelette (yes you can make it in a pan, but in the Thermie they are special!), legume-based creams, such as hummus, but also croquettes.

Healthy and Vegetarian Thermomix dinner recipes

potato and aubergine croquettes
Okay, sometimes it's okay that we struggled throughout the day, but we also need to be lighter. The world of vegetables comes to the rescue and the Thermomix, in just a few steps, manages to do magic: a bit like Cinderella's fairy, it transforms a pumpkin into a mouth-watering dish!
Below you will list both vegetarian and light recipes.

Let's start with the main dish of the category (not exactly dietetic): potato and aubergine croquettes. An extraordinary comfort food that offers a relaxing and tasty dinner!

Another vegetarian and substantial recipe are the pumpkin muffins: good to eat, easy to taste, perhaps with a cheese or grilled vegetables in addition.

And now let's go with healthy food. Here are some simple, quick but super delicious soups to make with Thermomix: pumpkin and carrot soup, pumpkin soup, lentil soup.

5 ideas for a different dinner than usual

Quiche Lorraine
Here are some ideas to wander and get out of your comfort zone (you may know some recipes well, but it's not like that for everyone ;-)).
I propose you the quiche lorraine, convenient to prepare in advance and warm up for dinner. Then here is the pumpkin flan (you can also vary the vegetables and use spinach, courgettes, etc.) and the potato and ham croquettes, delicious recipes based on vegetables.
Simple but delicious, to be served with scrambled eggs, perhaps, the German potato dumplingor the German potato salad (Kartoffelsalat).

Finally, a trip to Spain: every now and then you cook paella too! You can change it and use your kitchen leftovers ;-)

These are just 20 ideas, and I hope they have been useful to you and inspired you. On my blog you will find many other recipes! To find out, you can search the site (there is a special hole with a magnifying glass) or consult the TOPICS section on the HomePage. >
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