Lentil Soup Thermomix Recipe

No Lentil Soup no New Year's Eve celebrations! Tradition tells that eating lentils on the last day of old year and on the first day of new year is to bring good luck. Or better said, you will earn as much money as many lentils you ate.

To be sincere I've never believed in such superstition. I think nobody believes in it...but it's so much fun eating lentils during new year's eve and thinking you're being super rich and win the following Twelfth Night lottery, isn't it? At least this is the Italian tradition...did you know? :-)

When I was a child I did not like lentils, I did not like their colour. Today I go crazy for them!

I must say lentils are a very important dish in my daily diet. They are rich in iron, so if I don't feel like eating meat or fish, I usually prepare a lentil soup and that's enough. Also for children they are a great alternative! Just pay attention to the amount of lentils you eat because they cause a certain effect on stomach...

You may also add lentils to pasta or rice.

I suggest you prepare a very rich recipe to cook lentils with Thermomix. Of course you can make a lighter version of it, maybe eliminating pancetta or avoiding to sauté oil or not adding tomato. Or you may increase the amount of tomato! :-) In this case you must reduce water.

When I have lentils leftover I usually prepare these Lentil Meatballs.


- 1 Carrot or 1 Tablespoon of Soffritto Mixture
- 100 g Pancetta (Italian bacon cured in salt)
- 35 g Oil
- 200 g Lentils
- 50 g Tomato Sauce
- 300 g Water ( or more if necessary)
- 1 Tablespoon Thermomix Stock Cube

How to prepare Lentil Soup with Thermomix

Put lentils into a large bowl full of water and soak for a few hours. I usually soak them for a night.

Put carrot in TM bowl. 2 Sec. Speed 7. Or add 1 tablespoon of Soffritto mixture as an alternative.

Add pancetta and oil. 3 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Drain lentils, wash them and add them to the bowl.

Add tomato sauce, water and stock cube. Cooking time as indicated on lentils packet. 100°C Speed Gentle Stirring Reverse.

My advice

Lentils cooking time is always approximate. I suggest you check the cooking and increase the time if necessary. You may need to add more water too. It all depends on how much water your lentils absorb.

How to make Lentil Soup without Thermomix


Translated from the Italian recipe
Lenticchie Ricetta Bimby

Photocredit: mismisimos