Lentil Soup Thermomix Recipe

Lentil Soup Thermomix Recipe

It doesn't take much to heat up on a winter evening! The Thermomix lentil soup is a substantial and light recipe at the same time, which can be enjoyed hot as it is or with toasted bread.

When I prepare it, the scent of vegetables and lentils evokes the cooked and wood kitchens of peasant houses. Lentils, like beans and legumes in general, were considered the "meat of the poor". Today they have been re-evaluated and are a little bit the "meat" of everyone, especially those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, and in general of anyone who follows a varied diet.

Rich in iron, protein and fiber, as well as being very healty, they are also very good. In my ranking of legumes at the top there are the lentils, on a par with chickpeas :-) Two legumes that I find tasty and versatile !!

Given their iron content, they are a perfect food for pregnancy. It is no coincidence that you can find here this same recipe of lentil soup with Thermomix accompanied with slices of crunchy wholemeal chapati bread: one of my favorite dishes !!

When I have lentils leftover I usually prepare these Lentil Meatballs.


- 250 g lentils
- 500 g water
- A clove of garlic
- 1/2 stick of celery
- 1/2 of onion
- A carrot
- 4 cherry tomatoes
- 100 g pumpkin
- 2 chard leaves
- Extra virgin olive oil to taste
- Salt to taste

Let's cook

Soak 250 g lentils in water for the time indicated on the package.

Drain them, pour them into the mixing bowl, add 500 g water, a clove of garlic, 1/2 stick of celery, 1/2 onion, a carrot, 4 cherry tomatoes, 100 g of pumpkin and 2 of chard leaves and cook 35 Min 100C Reverse Soft Speed.

Put 4 ladles of lentils in a bowl.

The rest, blend it 10 Sec. Speed 7 until it becomes a cream.

Add the lentil cream to the lentils set aside, add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, add salt and mix.

Serve the soup hot!


The soup is flavored with seasonal vegetables. You can replace them with what you have at home: zucchini, fennel, spinach, potatoes ...

Instead of salt you can add a spoonful of vegetable stock.

I use Castelluccio lentils, but you can use the lentils you prefer, preferably mignon. However, you can adapt the recipe to any type of lentil, just be careful of any soaking times and adjust liquids and cooking time according to the instructions on the package!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Zuppa di Lenticchie Bimby
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