Thermomix Quiche Lorraine

Thermomix Quiche Lorrain

A Quiche Lorraine is a typical French cuisine recipe, very much appreciated all over the world for its easy preparation and distinctive taste.

It is a rustic tart made of a shortcrust pastry base usually filled with pancetta, cheese, cream, parmesan, gruyère and eggs.

The original filling of this traditional salty tart was a mix of the main ingredients, that is eggs and sour cream. Later, the recipe evolved in many variants.

For instance, the quiche vosgienne includes Swiss emmental cheese which is used for its characteristic of being easily melted and the quiche alsacienne named after the presence of onion within its ingredients.

Due to its versatility a quiche lorraine is perfect on every occasion and it is always widely relished. Try making it for a special dinner, it will be a success! ;-)

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Recipe N°1
(this comes from the Italian basic cookbook, equivalent to the EDC book)


6 people serving

- 1 batch Shortcrust Pastry
- 100 g Gruyère, chopped
- 100 g Smoked Pancetta (or bacon), diced
- 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 3 Eggs
- 100 g Milk
- 100 g Cream (sour or heavy cream)
- 30 g Grated Parmesan
- Salt and Pepper to taste

How to prepare Thermomix Quiche Lorraine

Make shortcrust pastry following the basic recipe and keep it refrigerated in transparent cling film.

Grind gruyère. 5 Sec. Speed 4. Put aside.

Sauté smoked pancetta (or bacon) with oil. 3 Min. 100°C Reverse Speed Spoon.

Grease a baking pan (or line it with greaseproof paper) and place shortcrust pastry in it, add smoked pancetta and then ground gruyère.

Add eggs, milk, cream, parmesan, salt and pepper into TM bowl and mix. 10 Sec. Speed 5.

Pour this mixture on the quiche and cook into pre-heated oven at 180°C/356°F for 30 Min.

Recipe N°2
(this recipe was found on


- 1 batch Shortcrust Pastry
- 4 Eggs
- 300 ml Heavy Cream
- 200 g Smoked Pancetta (or bacon)
- Salt to taste
- Nutmeg to taste

How to prepare Thermomix Quiche Lorraine

Line a baking pan with greaseproof paper and roll shortcrust pastry inside it. Use a fork to make small holes all over the pastry.

Put diced pancetta on the pastry and bake. 10 Min. 200°C/392°F.

Meanwhile put eggs, cream, nutmeg, salt and pepper in TM bowl and mix. 1 Min. Speed 3.

Pour this mixture on pancetta and bake for other 25 Min. 180°C/356°F.

My advice

To make a vegetarian variant of this quiche you can replace pancetta with asparagus, zucchini or mushrooms. Boil and sauté vegetables before adding them to the quiche.

How to prepare Quiche Lorraine without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe
Quiche Lorraine Bimby

Photocredit: Austinevan