Thermomix Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Thermomix Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Did you know your Thermomix allows you to make perfect Scrambled Eggs?

I know many of you may think preparing one of the simplest recipe ever with Thermomix is a loss of time, but I am sure a significant number of people will enjoy it very much! :-)

Personally I love eating scrambled eggs and, since I've discovered this Thermomix method, making them for all my family is such a pleasure. My husband is enjoying them so much for breakfast! He asked me to prepare a Full English breakfast, and I am only waiting to collect all the recipes to make him a perfect one :-).

Less than 15 minutes and your breakfast, lunch or dinner scrambled eggs will be ready! There's no need to stare at the pan while eggs are cooking, you can freely go to another room and relax or simply do other house works ...

I find it a great time saver, because I do everything in the mixing bowl without dirtying dishes and bowls. And while the Thermomix works for me, I can wash the salad and slice the bread. ;-)

So in a few minutes I have lunch ready. How beautiful!!


- 5 g extra virgin olive oil
- 50 g speck
- 8 eggs
- 60 g whole milk
- Salt to taste
- Pepper as needed
- 70 g semisoft cheese

Let's cook

Put in the mixing bowl 5 g extra virgin olive oil, 50 g of speck cut into rather wide strips and cook 7 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 1.

Add 8 eggs, 60 g whole milk, a pinch of salt, one of pepper and mix 5 Sec. Speed 3.

Cook 5 Min. 100 C Speed 1.

Add 70 g semisoft cheese cut into small pieces and cook 5 Min. 100C Speed 2.

Serve immediately on the plate, accompanying with slices of toasted bread or with a nice mixed salad.


Rich taste? Add 20 g of chopped onion to the sauce.

You can vary the type of cheese based on what you have at home like mozzarella (let it dry before using it).

Translated from the Italian recipe: Uova strapazzate al formaggio
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