Thermomix Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Thermomix Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Did you know your Thermomix allows you to make perfect Scrambled Eggs?

I know many of you may think preparing one of the simplest recipe ever with Thermomix is a loss of time, but I am sure a significant number of people will enjoy it very much! :-)

Personally I love eating scrambled eggs and, since I've discovered this Thermomix method, making them for all my family is such a pleasure. My husband is enjoying them so much for breakfast! He asked me to prepare a Full English breakfast, and I am only waiting to collect all the recipes to make him a perfect one :-).

Less than 15 minutes and your breakfast, lunch or dinner scrambled eggs will be ready! There's no need to stare at the pan while eggs are cooking, you can freely go to another room and relax or simply do other house works ...

I took these two recipes from websites and, but I suppose there are many other ones obviously with personal variations. I would love to hear from you all! :-) Send me your own Thermomix recipe for scrambled eggs and I will add it to this post! :-)

If you have all the other recipes to make a perfect Full English Breakfast, I would be so grateful and very happy to publish them on my website! :)

Recipe 1


Recipe by Janine Babauskis

- Knob Butter
- 80 ml Milk
- 4 Eggs
- Salt & Pepper to taste

How to prepare Thermomix Scrambled Eggs

Add butter to the TM bowl and melt. 1 Min. 50°C.

Distribute the butter over the bottom and around sides of the TM and also the blades including the top section of the blade unit with a pastry brush (for easy cleaning).

Add milk and eggs and mix 10 Sec. Speed 4.

Cook for 12 Min. 90°C Speed 2.


Chop fresh herbs prior to melting the butter, leaving herbs in TM bowl.

Recipe 2


- 4 Eggs
- 1/4 cup Cream
- Salt and Pepper and Herbs to taste if required.

How to prepare Thermomix Scrambled Eggs

Break eggs into thermomix, and mix 10 Sec. Speed 4.

Then cook Reverse 15 Min. 90°C Speed 2.

How to Prepare Scrambled Eggs without Thermomix

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