Mushroom Risotto Thermomix

Mushroom Risotto Thermomix

Here is a good first course, simple and quick, one of those to be done in the middle of the week, when you are running but you don't want to give up a good meal: the risotto with champignon mushrooms that you can of course prepare with your Thermomix!

Simple risotto yes, common really no! Because it is an excellent risotto, creamy and good-smelling, which is good for your belly but also you your mood ;-)


(for 4 people)
- 30 g Parmesan
- A sprig of parsley
- ½ onion (about 65 g)
- 250 g champignon mushrooms
- 5 g salt
- 20 g extra virgin olive oil
- 400 g rice (Arborio type)
- 900 g water
- A tbsp Thermomix vegetable stock
- 20 g unsalted butter

Let's cook!

Put 30 g of chopped parmesan in the mixing bowl, the leaves of a bunch of parsley washed and dried, and mince 40 Sec. Speed 7. Set aside.

Peel ½ onion, cut it into pieces, put in the mixing bowl and chop 6 Sec. Speed 7.

Wash and clean 250 g of champignon mushrooms, cut them into slices and add them to the mixing bowl with 5 g of salt and 20 g of extra virgin olive oil. Cook 15 Min. Reverse 100C Soft Speed.

Add 400 g rice and brown 3 Min. 100C Reverse Soft Speed.

Pour 900 g water, add a tbsp Thermomix vegetable stock and cook for the time indicated on the package 100C Reverse Soft Speed.

Add 20 g unsalted butter, the flavored parmesan kept aside and mix 2 Min. Reverse Soft Speed.

Serve immediately.


You can also use the Thermomix meat stock for this risotto: it goes perfectly with the flavour of the mushrooms ;-)

Translated from the Italian recipe
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