Thermomix Paella

Thermomix Paella

A good paella is what it takes to set up a rich and cheerful table!

The term Paella derives from the old French "Paele" which in turn derives from the Latin "Patella" (hence also the Italian "Padella" and the English "Pan"). In fact, the term originally indicated the container with which the dish was cooked but over time the use of the term paella to indicate the recipe has become established, while the container in which it is prepared is called Paellera.

It is a circular metal container that differs from other pans, as well as for the two side handles, also for its size. The depth, in fact, is about five to six centimeters, while the diameter varies according to the number: for 4 people a 45 cm Paellera is used, for 10 people even a 1 meter one. My Spanish friend Gloria told me that on special occasions, for example for village festivals or charity parties, gigantic Paelleras can be seen at the opera, even over 2 meters in diameter!

The real Paella should, therefore, be cooked in the appropriate Paellera. However, I prepared it with the Thermomix, which makes everything easier and faster :-) My husband licked his mustache and my children certainly weren't left idle, quite the contrary! The result was a real show… to watch and above all to eat... ! br />br /> Paella is special dish to prepare so to feel all the flavor of Spain in the kitchen!


(4 people)
- 500 g mussels
- 2 cloves garlic
- 1200 g water
- 4 prawns or 8 small prawns
- 70 g extra virgin olive oil
- 1/2 yellow pepper
- 1/2 red pepper
- 200 g peas
- 200 g chicken breast
- 200 g pork loin
- A large squid
- A measuring cup of white wine
- A sachet of saffron
- A tsp sweet paprika
- 320 g rice (I use Carnaroli type)
- Salt to taste
- One lemon

Let's cook

Clean 500 g of mussels.

Put a clove of dressed garlic in the mixing bowl, 700 g cold water, arrange the basket with the shellfish and cook for 15 Min. 100C Soft Speed, until the mussels have hatched. Set them aside in a bowl.

Wash 4 prawns and place them in the Varoma tray.

Put 70 g extra virgin olive oil in the clean mixing bowl, the garlic clove and brown 4 Min. 100C Soft Speed.

Add the diced peppers and cook for 5 Min. 100C Reverse Soft Speed.

Add 200 g peas and cook 5 Min. 100C Reverse Soft Speed.

Add 200 g chicken and 200 g pork cut into cubes and cook 5 Min. 100C Reverse Soft Speed.

Finally add the squid cut into small pieces and cook 5 Min. 100C Reverse Soft Speed.

Add a measuring cup of white wine in which you have dissolved the saffron sachet and the sweet paprika and cook 3 Min. 100C Reverse Soft Speed.

Add 320 g rice, 500 g water and salt as needed. Place the Varoma with the prawns and cook 13 Min. 100C Reverse Soft Speed. Check halfway to see if there is enough liquid for the rice to cook.

Remove the Varoma, add half the shelled mussels to the mixing bowl and mix 1 Min. Reverse Soft Speed.

Serve the paella garnished with the prawns, the remaining mussels in their shells and lemon slices.


Serve the paella as a main course. You can create variations to the recipe according to your taste and imagination, adding other ingredients such as sausage, green beans, clams, veal stew. In ethnic and international shops you can find a mixture of mixed spices used specifically for paella.

Translated from the Paella Mista
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