Home-Made Savoury Crispy Pancakes with Thermomix

Today I'm giving you the recipe for Savoury Crispy Pancakes with Thermomix!

I received the recipe from Mary Tozza, a fan of the Italian Facebook page of this website, I immediately decided to try making them at home by myself.

Thanks to my irreplaceable Thermomix the procedure is very easy and quick enough and the result...perfect! I've done my first "experiment" on some friends of mine who voluntarily decided to act as guinea pigs :-) After eating two each, they claimed my Crispy Pancakes had nothing to compare with the frozen ones. What a satisfaction! :-)

They are also very good if baked. Someone also says they're better than fried: of course they're lighter! My nephews asked for seconds last night, and I was so happy to serve them again as they do not eat so much at the table. Now I freeze some crispy pancakes everytime I make them. :-)

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for 15-20 Crispy Pancakes

- 1 cup Milk (250 g)
- 1 cup Plain Flour (250 g)
- 1 tbsp Unsalted Butter
- 1 tsp Salt
- 200 g Ham
- 100 ml Béchamel Sauce (from the basic cookbook)
- 200 g Cheese
- 2 Eggs
- 100 g Bread-crumbs

Let's make our Home-made Savoury Crispy Pancakes

Pour milk with butter and salt in the bowl. 5 Min. 100°C Speed 2.

When milk boils pour in the flour and mix. 10 Sec. Speed 6.

Leave the mixture inside the mixing bowl until it gets cold. Mix from time to time at Speed 6.

When tepid, put it on a floured surface.

Shape as a ball and work with hands until you have a smooth, homogeneous and soft dough.

Wrap with protecting film and let it rest until it is completely cold.

When well cold roll it out to a sheet of about 3 mm on a floured surface.

Use a round shaped cookie cutter (or a cup if you want a larger Crispy Pancake) to cut the dough.

Fill in with ham, cheese into cubes and one spoon of béchamel sauce.

Close each pancake shaping to the classic crescent form.

Seal pancakes very well with your finger tips.

Spread them with beaten egg with a pinch of salt and cover with bread-crumbs.

Place Crispy Pancakes on a tray and keep refrigerated until you must cook them.

You may fry them for about 2 minutes per side in boiling oil or bake them at 180°C for 20 minutes just remembering to sprinkle with a little bit of olive oil before baking.

Mary Tozza's advice

You may also preserve your Crispy Pancakes in food plastic bags and freeze them.

My advice

In this recipe I've used the Italian classic filling with ham and cheese. But considering that these are homemade Crispy Pancakes you can fill them with whatever you like!

Other recipes to prepare the Crispy Pancakes without Thermomix

http://www.rosemaryconley.tv/Recipes/Starters-Sides-Snacks/Chicken-and-Mushroom-Crispy-Pancakes.aspx You will find a lighter version of Crispy Pancakes in this video recipe!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Sofficini: Ricetta Bimby

Photocredit: noidueincucina