Champignon Mushrooms Sauce with Thermomix

This Champignon Mushrooms Sauce recipe has been sent by Janine, an Holland girl who stays in Italy.

This sauce is prepared with Champignon Mushrooms.

Janine wrote: "One of my special recipe is a pasta sauce. I like it so much....and it's easy to make. Well, honestly it isn't a recipe of mine...but of my mother-in-law (from Rome)".

Great! But Janine sent me the recipe to make this pasta sauce without Thermomix :-(

So I tried to adapt it to Thermomix!

The sauce was very good! It's a quick and delicately flavoured sauce.

But I don't know if it is the same as that of Janine and her mother-in-law ;-)

So, "up the mothers-in-law" if they are so kind to give such good recipes to their daughters-in-law! Don't you think?

Here it is how I prepared the Champignon Mushrooms Sauce with Thermomix.


- 400 g Champignon Mushrooms
- 1 Spoon Thermomix Vegetable Stock Cube
- 200 g Olive Oil
- Chilli Pepper (optional)

How to prepare Champignon Mushrooms Sauce with Thermomix

Wash mushrooms accurately.

Put them in the mixing bowl. 7 Sec. Speed 7.

Add the thermomix stock cube and the olive oil. 40 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

If you like you may add ground chilli pepper.

My Advice

I adapted this sauce for my daughters too.

I added some cream cheese to their pasta dishes and I didn't add chilli pepper.

They were so happy!

Then I put the remained sauce in the freezer so that I will have it ready-to-use when I don't have time to cook! ;-)

Here it is Janine's recipe instead.


- 2 Kg Champignon Mushrooms to mix uncooked
- 5 Garlic Cloves
- 1 Pinch Salt
- Chilli Pepper
- 1 L Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How to prepare the Mushrooms Sauce without Thermomix

"Put all the ingredients in a pan and let cook for about 4 hours.
Let cool and then pour in small jars and put in the freezer.
When you dress pasta with this sauce add parmesan cheese abundantly. The recipe could be modified for Thermomix use. I mix mushrooms with Thermomix and then cook the whole sauce in a pan. But I think you can cook it all in the Thermomix bowl".

Janine from Colloredo di Monte Albano (UD)

Translated from the Italian recipe
Sugo ai Funghi Champignon col Bimby