Corn Flakes Cookies: How to Make Them with Thermomix

Have you ever had an entire box of corn flakes in your cupboard being of no one's interest? I have! Here you are these Corn Flakes Cookies, made exactly with corn flakes. They are a very optimal solution!

In Italy we call them Desert Roses, have they got a particular name in your country too? I would like to write it here too so let me know! ;-)

They are very crunchy butter (or margarine) and corn flakes based biscuits. Yummy to chew up in every occasion. For example you can prepare them for your children' school break. I did so and I finally clear the cupboard of the flakes...!

The recipe has been sent by Katia De Girolamo (from Bitritto, South Italy) who wrote: "This is a very close friend of mine's recipe and I've recently prepared them for a pic-nic. It's a very quick and simple there a better way of shocking people with simplicity and novelty??????"


- 150 g Sugar
- 150 g Margarine or Butter (soft)
- 300 g Flour
- 2 Eggs
- 1 Lemon Zest
- 1 Tbs Baking Powder
- 1 Corn Flakes Box

How to prepare the Corn Flakes Cookies

Put sugar and lemon zest in the bowl. Pulverise. 30 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add all the other ingredients apart from corn flakes. 30 Sec. Speed 4.

Now pour the corn flakes in a large bowl and put a knub of the mixture inside it. Help yourself with a spoon.

Let the corn flakes attach well to the mixture. Place the cookie on a baking grid.

Repeat the last step with the rest of the mixture creating many cookies.

Bake at 180°C for about 15 Min.

Let cool and spread with icing sugar.

Katia's advice

You can mix white corn flakes with the chocolate ones, or use puffed rice.

My Advice

Melt chocolate with Thermomix and pour it on the cookies, they'll get more yummy!

How to prepare the Corn Flakes Cookies without Thermomix

This is the Italian television programme about cooking "La prova del cuoco" ( that means "The cook's proof"). (Italian)

Translated from the Italian recipe
Rose Del Deserto col Bimby: Come preparare i Biscotti con i Corn Flakes