Tiramisu Thermomix Recipe

Tiramisu Thermomix Recipe

Do you want to prepare tiramisu with the Thermomix? Here is the recipe you were looking for to bring to the table a fresh semifreddo, with a soft and enveloping flavor.

Coffee, ladyfingers or sponge cake, mascarpone cream, eggs and sugar: with these ingredients you can only turn out a mouth-watering dessert!

Tiramisu is a typical Italian dessert famous all over the world, a so-called "spoon" dessert. Perhaps because the best is to eat it in spoonfuls directly from the container? :-)

Thanks to the Thermomix, then, I don't have the problem of whipping the egg whites until stiff! ;-)

I love to prepare tiramisu ... I freeze it so that when I feel like it I always have some in the freezer ready ... obviously it must be defrosted before a few hours ...


- 4 eggs
- 80 g sugar
- 500 g Mascarpone cheese
- 3 cups coffee
- 100 g milk
- 250 g ladyfingers
- Bitter cocoa powder to taste

Let's cook!

Separate the 4 yolks from the whites.

Enter the butterfly whisk.

Put the egg whites and 80 g sugar in the mixing bowl and whip 3 Min. 37C Speed 4. Set the beaten egg whites aside until stiff.

Put the egg yolks and 500 g Mascarpone cheese in the mixing bowl and whip 3 Min. Speed 2-3. The mixture must be clear and fluffy.

Add the mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone to the whipped egg whites, stirring gently from bottom to top.

Mix 3 cups of coffee and 100 g whole milk in a bowl.

Soak 250 g ladyfingers in the mixture of coffee and milk.

Take a baking dish and fill it in layers: ladyfingers, cream and cocoa.

Put the cake in the fridge at least 6 hours before serving.

The last sprinkling of cocoa on top of the Tiramisu should be put just before serving ;-).


If necessary, increase the amount of milk and coffee to wet the ladyfingers.
Be careful when you combine the egg whites with the egg and mascarpone mixture, otherwise everything will "deflate". Stir slowly with a wooden spoon from bottom to top until the egg whites are perfectly incorporated.
If the tiramisu is for kids, I suggest you use decaffeinated coffee, or they won't sleep a wink all night, neither they nor you. :-(
There are two methods to check the freshness of the eggs: 1) Shake them close to your ear, if they "ring" they are not fresh; 2) Put them in a bowl full of water, if they go to the bottom they are fresh, if they float not. It is essential that the eggs are fresh and of controlled origin!

Translated from the Tiramisù con il Bimby
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