Thermomix Parmesan Cheese Crackers with Pears and Goat Cheese

Parmesan cheese crackers can be eaten alone or accompanied by everything your fantasy suggests you. Francesca from Rome, who sent me the recipe, has tried them with pears and goat cheese. What a finger-licking treat....

Would you like to try them? What are you waiting for? You just need a few ingredients to make a success within your guests!!

The tempting thing of these small biscuits is that they perfectly combine sweet and savour tastes, savours match harmoniously.

If you like pears you may have a look at this Pear Soufflé prepared by a professional chef with Thermomix.


- Parmesan Cheese Crackers
- Goat Cream Cheese
- Pears
- Cinnamon (if you like it)

How to prepare the Thermomix Crackers with Pears and Goat Cheese

Prepare the crackers.

When they are pretty warm spread them with goat cream cheese and a small piece of pear.

Bake in pre-heated oven at 200°C for some minutes.

Before serving sprinkle with cinnamon if you like.

These crackers must be served tepid.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Biscotti Salati con Pere e Caprino Bimby