Yogurt Cake with Cream and Custard Thermomix

I've always called the Yogurt Cake with Cream and Custard as my Grandmother Marisa's Cake. She always prepared it when I was a child. It was the special occasions cake: my birthday and every kind of party.

It was my cake.

As I didn't like eating (a part from cakes) my grandmother always prepared this cake for me when I went to her house.
When I think of this cake I immediately feel a tear in my eye...

If I have to think about it in a rational way, I think that cooking helps to keep our memories alive. Preparing this cake for example makes me feel near my grandmother that I couldn't know very well. A queenly beautiful grandmother who still lives in my elder daughter's expression. An incredible resemblance, in all the expressions. This really surprises me, how can human nature do so?
And you? Have you got a grandmother's cake that moves you to tears every time you prepare it? Is there a cake that helps you keep your beloved ones memories alive?


For the Cake
- 1 Tub Yogurt (125 g)
- 2 Tubs Sugar (200 g)
- 3 Tubs Flour (220 g)
- 1 Tub Vegetable Oil ( or Melted Butter 150 g)
- 1 Baking Powder Sachet
- 3 Eggs

For the Filling
- 1 Thermomix Custard dose

For the Dressing
- 250 g Whipped Cream

How to prepare the Yogurt Cake with Cream and Custard

Prepare the Thermomix custard following the instructions on the basic cookbook. The recipe I follow is in the link I wrote above. Put aside and let cool.

Add all the ingredients for the preparation of the cake. 1 Min. Speed 5.

Pour this mixture in a baking pan and cook. 30 Min. 180°C.

When it is cold, cut in a half horizontally. Spread a hald with the custard and then cover with the other half.

Place the butterfly tool, pour the whipping cream and whip it. 2 Min. Speed 3. If you want more tips, read the article about whipping cream.

Dress the cake with whipped cream.

My Advice

The "official" recipe involves vegetable oil but I don't like using it so much. So I usually replace it with melted butter. I think it is healthier. I also tried to replace it with olive oil but I don't feel like suggesting it...

Translated from the Italian recipe
Torta allo Yogurt con Crema e Panna Bimby