Fresh Egg Pasta Rolls with Ham and Bechamel Sauce with Thermomix

Ingredients for the Fresh Egg Pasta

- 500 g Flour
- 5 Eggs

Ingredients for the Bechamel Sauce

- 1 L Milk
- 100 g Flour
- 50 g Butter
- 1 tsp Salt

Ingredients for the Filling

- 600 g Ham
- 500 g Grated Parmigiano Reggiano

For the Covering

- Tomato Sauce

How to prepare the Fresh Egg Pasta Rolls with Ham and Bechamel Sauce

For the pasta.

Put flour and eggs in the bowl and mix. 3 Min. Speed Dough Mode.
Roll it out with a pasta machine in a 1 metre long sheet.

Then boil the sheets for about 3 minutes and place them on a cloth.

Meanwhile prepare the bechamel sauce.

Put all the ingredients in the bowl and cook. 12 Min. 90°C Speed 4.

Spread abundant bechamel on the pasta sheets and then add ham and parmesan cheese.

Roll in and wrap in aluminium foils.

Now move rolls into the freezer (leave them how much you prefer). When you decide to cook them, take them out of the freezer some hours before cooking, remove the aluminium wrapping and cut into 3-4 centimetres thick slices.

In the meantime, prepare a simple tomato sauce. Put some of it in a baking pan and place the rolls in it.
Cover with some more tomato sauce and spread abundantly with parmesan cheese.

Bake at 200°C for about 30 Minutes.

Serve and enjoy!!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Girelle di Pasta all'Uovo con Prosciutto Cotto e Besciamella da fare con il BImby

Photocredit: broadcastmarc