Grape and Walnut Cake to Prepare with Thermomix

Would you like to prepare a cake with raisins and walnuts? Follow this recipe and you'll end up re-discovering old times cakes taste.

In addiction to the usual ingredients for a cake like flour, oil, milk, sugar and baking powder, there are walnuts and raisins, rich in taste and nutrients good for our body's health.

In old texts about cuisine art it's possible to read that dried fruits, such as raisins and walnuts, were the base for many "holidays" cakes, because they were very unusual and precious ingredients to enrich "daily bread" with them, as they were as gems.

This culinary tradition extended into our time. So my dad always tells me about the holidays raisin bread. I will prepare this delicious cake for him, to bring back that unique and beyond description taste called "childhood" as happened to Proust with his madeleine.

The recipe has been sent by Adalgisa who wrote: "I found it on a magazine and the picture for it tempted me, so I adapted it for Thermomix. Good for breakfast".

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- 300 g Flour
- 200 g Sugar
- 3 Eggs
- 1 Measuring Cup Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
- 1 Measuring Cup Milk
- 1 Baking Powder Sachet
- 15 Walnuts
- 200 g Raisins
- Coconut Flour to taste

How to prepare the Grape and Walnut Cake

Sink raisins in tepid water. 10 Min.

Squeeze it and put aside.

Add eggs, sugar, milk and oil in the bowl. 40 Sec. Speed 4.

Add flour and baking powder. 30 Sec. Speed 3.

Finally add raisins and walnuts and stir gently.

Bake. 40 Min. 180°C.

When cold, sprinkle with coconut flour.

My advice

If you want to make a very autumn cake try replacing raisins with fresh grapes cut in a half or in a quarter depending on their dimension, previously drained in a colander.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Torta Uva e Noci da Preparare col Bimby

Photocredit: pizzodisevo