Chicken Pie with Thermomix

If you want to surprise your guests you may prepare these Chicken Pies!

They are delicious and appetizing pies filled with mouthwatering chicken and topped with short-crust pastry. They are perfect to be brought to the table as starters or snacks or second dish to satisfy your appetite.

Using Thermomix it's a very easy-to-prepare dish. The recipe has been sent by Michela from Florence who enthusiastically wrote: "These are fantastic, suitable for both kids and adults. I discovered them in Portugal and this version of mine is a little bit simpler".

I like chicken meat, like all the other white meats, because it contains a very low fat amount and a high protein amount which is absolutely necessary to renew our tissues and to make hormones, enzymes, antibodies, etc. It's a "good" meat in every sense of the word indeed :-)

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(12 people serving)

- 2 Short-crust Pastry doughs (recipe on the basic cookbook)
- 4 Chicken Thighs
- 1 big Onion
- Thermomix Stock Cube
- Herbs and Spices to taste (i.e. chopped Rosemary, Thyme, Nutmeg, Sage, etc.)
- 30 g Olive Oil
- 1 Egg
- 2 tbs Milk
- Salt and Pepper to taste

How to prepare the Chicken Pie

Prepare short-crust pastry doughs (following the recipe on the basic cookbook) and keep refrigerated.

Put onion in the bowl and chop. 3 Sec. Speed 5.

Add oil and sauté. 3 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Add the chicken cut into big pieces (or entire if you like) and brown. 5 Min. 100°C Speed Gentle Stirring Reverse.

Add 60 g water and two full teaspoons of Thermomix Stock Cube. Continue cooking. 20 Min. 100°C Speed Gentle Stirring Reverse.

Add some more water if necessary.

Remove chicken from the bowl, bone it and remove the skin. Then put it into the bowl again and grind. 5-10 Sec. Speed 5.

Add salt and pepper and nutmeg if you like.

Roll out the pastry and line your greased and floured pie moulds.

Fill in with chicken.

Then cover the moulds with additional short-crust pastry.

Brush with whipped egg and milk and bake for 30 Min. at 180°C-200°C.

How to prepare the Chicken Pie without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe
Tortino di Pollo col Bimby

Photocredit: gtrwndr87