Mini Banana Cakes with Thermomix

Mini Banana Cakes with Thermomix The Mini Banana Cakes are a very good idea for your breakfast or for your children snack time.
They are small cakes, like muffins, banana flavoured, delicious and very easy to make. The recipe has been sent by Michela from Florence who already sent the very good Pancakes recipe and the Chocolate Chip Cookies.
It's a rare cake but you can create many variations just adding other ingredients with bananas. Michela wrote: "I made them with a orange chocolate filling that remained from the day before when I did the cream puffs...pour the mixture in half of the single moulds, add a teaspoon of filling and then cover with other mixture until it reaches 3/4 of the mould."
If you like bananas, delicious and healthy fruit, you can also prepare something very fresh with your Thermomix like the Oreo Cookies Milkshake or the Banana Ice Cream.


- 2 bananas
- An egg
- 130 g plain flour
- 80 g of brown sugar
- 85 g of seed oil
- 20 g of sliced almonds
- A pinch of salt
- 16 g baking powder
- A tbsp vanilla sugar

Let's cook!

Turn on the oven at 180C.

Insert 2 sliced bananas, an egg, 130 g plain flour, 80 g brown sugar, 85 g seed oil, 20 g sliced almonds and mix 10 Sec. Speed 4-5.

Add 16 g baking powder and mix 6 Sec. Speed5.

Pour the mixture into molds for tartlets or muffins, lined with baking paper or paper cups, filling them 3/4 full.

Put in the oven and cook for about 15 Min. 180C.

When cooked, remove them from the oven, sprinkle with vanilla sugar and serve them even hot.

Translated from the Italian recipe Tortino alla Banana col Bimby Copyright: Mini Banana Cakes with Thermomix from Thermomix Recipes
Photocredit: Thermomix Recipes