Asparagus and Pancetta Risotto with Thermomix

Asparagus are seasonal vegetables between April and May, but they have got a very strong taste, so how can I make my daughters eat them too? Here it is how the idea for this Asparagus and Pancetta Risotto was born.

In my recipe I don't use a particular bowl to cook asparagus but the Thermomix Varoma tray. They cook perfectly! More. I use the same cooking water to prepare the risotto, so their nutritional substances don't get lost.

Then I mix them. By doing so I avoid the "green pieces to leave out" problem children always have got. I use pancetta to to emphasise the taste. A bit like the Pancetta, Chard and Parmesan Cheese Pasta method.

In short I created a nourishing and yummy dish that even children can eat. I also prepared it for a dinner with my brothers-in-law and nephews to better test the recipe. The risotto was the second first dish, because I had also prepared the tagliatelle with Champignon Mushrooms Sauce.

That night I got inspired this way: 2 first dishes, a light second dish composed by buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes and finally strawberries.

My husband thought 2 first dishes was an exaggerated menu and we wouldn't eat rice. I myself was a little bit perplexed. On the contrary the risotto finished in a quick! My brother-in-law also used a piece of bread to eat the remaining with asparagus cream. What a great satisfaction! :-) After this family experiment I decided to publish the recipe on the website. Here it is!

If you want to prepare a perfect risotto, have a look at my suggestions on Cooking Risotto with Thermomix Suggestions post.


(4 people serving)

- 800 g Water
- 50 g Thermomix Stock Cube
- 500 g Asparagus, cleaned
- 1 Onion
- 100 g Pancetta in cubes
- 50 g Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
- 300 g Rice
- Parmesan Cheese to taste

How to prepare the Asparagus and Pancetta Risotto

Clean asparagus very well and place them on the Varoma tray.

Pour water and the stock cube into the bowl. Close with the lid and place the Varoma tray in its position. 30 Min. Temp. Varoma Speed 1.

Put aside the tray with asparagus.

Remove the cooking water from the bowl and pour it in a bottle.

Put some asparagus aside to use them for the final decoration.
Mix the rest of them. 10 Sec. Speed 7. Put aside.

Add onion. 5 Sec. Speed 7.

Add oil and pancetta. 3 Min. 100°C Speed Gentle Stirring Reverse.

Insert the butterfly tool.

Pour the rice in and let brown. 5 Min. 100°C Speed 1 Reverse.

Add 600 g of asparagus cooking water you put aside before plus more water and the mixed asparagus.

Cook rice following the time instructions on the pack. Speed Gentle Stirring Reverse.

If you like, dust with some parmesan cheese and serve.

My advice

To clean asparagus well you can follow these suggestions here:

Erika Viola's advice

Add a bit of brandy and stracchino cheese at the end of cooking. Delicious!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Risotto Asparagi e Pancetta Bimby