Apple Ice Cream with Thermomix: All Recipes To Prepare the Apple Ice Cream

Have you ever tried to make an Apple Ice Cream? it is a strange thing but I exactly remember when and where I tasted it for the first time. I remember it because I was of a certain age, and I found very strange that someone had invented the apple ice cream.

I was in Austria and I thought it was one of those particular things you find abroad where they invent the strangest flavours and the weirdest combining here in Italy we could hardly imagine.

So I decided to taste this green apple ice cream, curiously, and I was pleasantly surprised. I couldn't imagine it was that delicious. Forget the weird ice cream! It was luscious!!! Then, I must admit I haven't had it anymore. Basically because I am regular in my habits. There are some "basic" ice cream flavours I rarely abandon: the basic custard ice cream, the chocolate ice cream, the strawberry ice cream, the coconut ice cream, the hazelnut ice cream,....(they are heaps!...)

Then one day I started to try making ice creams with Thermomix and I found many different recipes to prepare the apple ice cream. And I made a stab at doing it....

On end you find a list of the various apple ice cream recipes: they all deserve a try!

Recipe 1
This first recipe has been sent by the very good Erika Viola. She is a Thermomix consultant near Turin and she has always got many original ideas. She also adapted the traditional Indian Curry Chicken for Thermomix!


- 600 g Apples
- 100 g Sugar
- 1 Natural Yogurt Pot (125 g) or 1 Lemon Yogurt Pot or 1 Egg white and 1 Lemon Juice or 1 Fresh Whipping Cream Pack (200 ml)

How to prepare the Apple Ice Cream

Wash apples and freeze cut into pieces.

If you're using green apples you don't have to remove the peel.

Put sugar in the bowl and pulverise. 10 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add frozen apple and a natural yogurt Pot (125 g) or a lemon flavoured yogurt pot or an egg white and one lemon juice or whipping cream (200 ml), your choice.
Mix using the spatula for 15 Sec. from Speed 1 to 7. until well amalgamated. Check consistency.

Recipe 2
This second recipe comes from


- 750 g Apples, peeled and frozen in cubes
- 150 g Sugar
- 1 Egg White
- 1 Lemon Peeled "a vivo" (without the white part too)

How to prepare the Apple Ice Cream

Put sugar in the bowl. 5 Sec. Speed 10.

Add apples, egg white and lemon in cubes. Mix using the spatula for 20 Sec. Speed 5 then 20 Sec. Speed 8 until you have a moist mixture.

Recipe 3
This comes from


- 250 g Whipping Cream
- 150 g Sugar
- 5 Green Apples (washed and frozen into cubes)
- 1 Lemon Peeled "a vivo" (without the white part too)
- 1 Lemon Peel, cut very thin (only yellow part)

How to prepare the Apple Ice Cream

Put sugar and lemon peel in the bowl. 20 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Add frozen apples and lemon. Mix using spatula while knives go at Speed 4.

Pour whipping cream while knives are moving at Speed 5 then at Speed 8 until you reach Speed Turbo.

It must be homogeneous.

Recipe 4
This comes from


- 250 g Full Fat Milk
- 250 g Whipping Cream
- 150 g Sugar
- 300 g Fresh Green Apples
- 1 Pinch Salt
- 1 Lemon Juice
- 1 Egg-White (optional)

How to prepare the Apple Ice Cream

Pour sugar in the bowl. 10 Sec. Speed 10.

Add milk, a pinch of slat and whipping cream. 10 Min. 90°C Speed 1.

Pour this mixture in a bowl and let it get cold.

Remove the apple cores using an apple corer.

Peel "a vivo" a lemon (removing the white peel too).

Cut apples into pieces and put in the clean Thermomix bowl.

Add the peeled lemon and blend. 10 Sec. Speed 4.

Pour the cold whipping cream and amalgamate. 10 Sec. Speed 4.

Pour in a tin foil container and freeze for 24 hours.

Remove from the freezer, leave it at room temperature for 10 Min then cut into cubes.

Put these cubes inside the bowl (put the bowl in the fridge for about 30 Min. before this operation, it will be better). Grind 20 Sec. Speed 10 (gradually) using the spatula.

Then pour a measuring cup of cold milk and the egg-white. Amalgamate 3 Min. Speed 4 always using spatula.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Gelato alla Mela Bimby: Tutte Ricette Per Preparare il Gelato alla Mela

Photocredit: bokchoi-snowpea