Chocolate Pudding: Thermomix Recipe

When you hear chocolate pudding, what comes to your mind? I immediately go back to childhood and remember the afternoons when I ate it for a snack ... What goodness! So, every occasion is good for me to start my beloved Thermomix and make a delicious "journey into the past" :-) Here is the recipe for making chocolate pudding with the Thermomix!

One day I decided to offer the Thermomix chocolate pudding to a small group of children who generally don't eat much of a snack.

I was convinced that some portions of chocolate pudding would also remain for the evening, to be enjoyed as an after dinner dessert :-). Instead nothing ... how could I refuse them the request for an encore? :-)

In any case, it is one of those recipes that is always good: for children, for adults, perhaps with the addition of a spoonful of rum, and for all those who love chocolate passionately !!

The recipe is very simple, to prepare it in use a not too bitter dark chocolate (max 70% cocoa) and sometimes I also make a light mix with milk chocolate (160 g dark, 40 g milk).

The recipe is perfect for recycling dark chocolate from Easter eggs (do you use to give chocolate eggs for Easter in your country as we do in Italy?)!! The milk one, in fact, always goes away in a few seconds, but the dark one only likes "the grown-ups" and only some grown-ups. To avoid indigestion, because I love him very much, I prepare desserts suitable for everyone ... it's my winning strategy for years now!


- 200 g dark chocolate
- 800 g of whole milk
- 160 g caster sugar
- 90 g corn starch
- 150 g unsalted butter

Let's cook

Put 200 g dark chocolate in the mixing bowl and mince 10 Sec. Speed 7.

Add 800 g whole milk, 160 g caster sugar, 80 g corn starch, 150 g unsalted butter and cook 9 Min. 90C Speed 4.

Pour into single serving cake mold or in a single form.

Leave to cool to room temperature, then refrigerate for 3 hours (if you use single portion molds), 5 hours if you use the single cake mold.


In order to make the pudding perfectly mold, you can pass on the molds of the peeling spray or butter.

If you use small molds, like the one you see in the picture (it is the classic silicone mold from Ikea), 14 puddings also come !!

You can decorate as desired with whipped cream, fresh fruit or candied fruit, biscuits.

You can halve the doses by decreasing the cooking time to 6 minutes.

Can the pudding be frozen?

Are you thinking of preparing the maxi dose as a large family or by invitation and freezing the surplus? Don't do it ... the consistency is not the same. I don't like thawed pudding !!! Rather, prepare half a dose ;-)

Translated from the Italian recipe Budino al Cioccolato: Ricetta Bimby
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