Coffee Granita with Thermomix

Coffee Granita with Thermomix

Do you want some freshness and energy? What's better than a Thermomix coffee granita? On vacation, but also for those in town at work, a nice granita is really inviting!

Instead of the classic mid-morning coffee, granita can give you a pleasant wave of freshness! I confess that I really love the coffee granita with a nice and abundant sprinkle of whipped cream on top ... To the bitterness of coffee the cream gives that extra sweetness and creaminess that drives me crazy. In spite of the line, occasionally it can be made...!

In Sicily, in Messina in particular, it is traditional to serve coffee granita with whipped cream. The cup should be half granita and half whipped cream! Next to it the classic round sweet brioche should be eaten with a sort of ball on top!

The coffee granita is perfect to offer when you have friends who have come "to have coffee". You prepare it quickly and they cool off!


(for 6 people)
- 300 g water
- 180 g sugar
- 300 g coffee prepared with mocha
- 250 g fresh liquid cream

Let's cook

Pour 300 g water, 180 g sugar into the mixing bowl and prepare the syrup 5 Min. 100C Speed 2.

Pour 300 g still hot coffee and mix 30 Sec. Speed 2.

Put in a low, wide container. Let it rest in the freezer overnight (or 12 hours).

Just before serving, place the mixing bowl in the refrigerator to cool.

Insert the butterfly whisk, add 250 g fresh cream and whip 1 Min. Speed 4 or until it is very firm. Set aside.

Clean the mixing bowl.

Remove the container from the freezer, divide the ice into pieces, put it in the mixing bowl and chop 3 Sec. Speed Turbo.

Check if the ice is crushed to the right point. If necessary, repeat, again for a few seconds.

Pour the coffee granita into cups or glasses with the whipped cream on top and serve immediately.


You can keep the ready-made granita in the freezer and chop it just before serving.

To make the granita even more delicious you can serve it with cream on top and bottom.

If you want a creamier consistency you can mince 1 Min. from 4 to 10, in this way you will get a very pleasant coffee cream.

Translated from the Granita al caffè
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