Coffee Granita with Thermomix

Fancy freshness and energy? Is there anything better than a coffee granita? On holiday, and even if you are still working, a very good coffee granita is really tempting!

You can replace your everyday coffee with this granita that gives you a freshess explosion during these hot days! I must say I love granita very much especially topped with whipped cream...sweet cream that gives coffee bitterness that creaminess I go crazy for. Let's forget about our shape for one day!

In Sicily, especially in Messina, coffee granita is traditionally served topped with whipped cream. The cup should be half full with coffee granita and the other half with whipped cream. Moreover it is often eaten along with the classic sweet round brioche with a small ball like on top of it!

Coffee granita is perfect if served when you host some friends at home who came to take coffee. You prepare it quickly and they refresh!

Other coffee recipes are the very original Coffee Flavoured Pork Kebabs, the Coffee Liqueur and the Tiramisu Cake.

Recipe 1
This first recipe has been sent by Damiano Liotta


- 300 g Espresso Coffee
- 300 g Water
- 180 g Sugar

How to prepare the Coffee Granita

Add water and sugar in the bowl. 5 Min. 70°C Speed 2.

Add coffee and stir at Speed 1 until amalgamated.

Let it get cold and then put it in the ice cubes tray inside your freezer.

After 12 hours put these cubes in the bowl. 30 Sec. Speed 6 using spatula.

These other 2 recipes have been sent by Agata Gabriella Ursino Manola, very active follower of the Italian Facebook page of this website (English here). Agata Gabriella writes: "The first recipe is good to be served immediately but personally I don't like it and I never do it. The second one is longer but I think it is tastier".

Recipe 2


- 700 g Ice Cubes (remove from freezer some minutes before using)
- 200 or 150 g Coffee (espresso, made with a moka)
- 150 g Sugar (or 200 g if you like)

How to prepare the Coffee Granita

Put ice cubes in the bowl, then hot espresso and sugar at the end. 1 Min. Speed 7.

Then stir using the spatula from the lid hole. 10 Sec. Speed 3.

Recipe 3


- 150 g Sugar
- 4 Spoons Instant Coffee
- 300 g Water

How to prepare the Coffee Granita

Put water and sugar in the bowl. 5 Min. 60°C Speed 1.

Add coffee. 2 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Let this mixture get cold and then pour it in a large flat tin foil container and put it in the freezer.

When hard remove it from the freezer and wait until it is slightly softer, so that it is easier to cut into not too big pieces.

Put these pieces inside the bowl and mix. 20 Sec. Speed 7 and 30 Sec. Speed 4 using the spatula.

You can serve it immediately or put it in the freezer.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Granita al Caffè Bimby

Photocredit: kochtopf