Italian Flat Bread: Piadina with Thermomix

Italian Flat Bread: Piadina with Thermomix

A Piadina is an unleavened flat bread typical of Emilia Romagna ,
It is a classic of Italian street food that often "saves dinner" for us Italians ... we prepare it at home and we make it with what we like best.
I don't know why but it reminds me of summer! Maybe because many Italians go to the Romagna coasts to spend their holidays. So during the hot lunch hours we don't need to sit at the table but we can just taste a good piadina filled with whatever we want: raw ham, mozzarella and tomato, rocket and bresaola etc.

What a freshness and delicacy! I love eating it alone too....:-P

Nowadays you can find it in all Italian regions, even in winter. And it reminds us of hot summer...
In Italian bars they prepare it with everything! I like it, especially when I stop on the street to eat a quick snack. Of course it has nothing compared with the original Romagna's ones!

Even in motorway cafés they prepare piadina is very far from the flavoured taste of the original one!

But if you are travelling, you could prepare your own piadina! With Thermomix you can!

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(about 16 piadine)

- 500 g white flour
- 50 g extra virgin olive oil
- ½ tbsp salt
- 250 g water

Let's cook

Put 500 g white flour, 50 g extra virgin olive oil and ½ tbsp salt in the mixing bowl.

Gradually add 250 g water from the hole in the lid. Mix 2 Min. Dough mode.

Transfer the dough to a lightly floured work surface and work it quickly with your hands to form a sausage.

Divide the sausage into 16 equal pieces and shape the balls.

Roll out each ball with the help of a rolling pin up to a thickness of 1-2 mm and overlap the dough discs, dusting them well so that they do not stick together.

Heat a pan and cook the wraps on both sides, pricking them with a fork.

As they are cooked, stack them on a plate and keep them covered with a napkin so that they do not cool down.


A piadina is about 25-30 cm diameter.

It can be from 2 to 5/6 cm thick, according to your taste. Please notice it increases its size during cooking.

The piadina must be cooked in a very quick time on a very hot pan.

To have a better inside cooking you must pit the piadina surface with a fork.

Fill the piadina as you like: with salad, tomatoes and stracchino (creamy cheese); with salmon and salad; with cold cuts and cheeses.

Serve it folded in half or rolled up like a roll, which you can also cut into slices and serve as an aperitif or as a nice finger-food.

If you want a larger piadina, cut into larger portions of the dough.

Translated from the Piadina Romagnola col Bimby
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