Pineapple Ice Lollies with Thermomix

Do yo like Pineapple? Would you like to taste is in a very summer style? Then try these Pineapple Ice Lollies!!!

I love ice lollies so much!!! They are a very good way to eat fruit in summer, refresh yourself and satisfy that sweetness whim :-) My little girls go crazy for the Strawberry Ice Lollies!!!

This recipe has been sent by Silvia from the province of Milan who wrote: "To say the truth, my husband invented it. It was born for a bet, we wanted to prepare 100% fruit ice lollies without adding water and with a very low amount of sugar. Well, it can be done, and the consistency is that of a calippo which is loved by our daughters, but it is healthier :-)"

Obviously if you prefer you can replace brown sugar with caster sugar. Personally I like this brown sugar option because pineapple is already well sweetened by itself!


4 people serving

- 2 Pineapple Slices, 2 cm thick
- 1/2 Lemon Juice
- 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar

How to prepare the Pineapple Ice Lollies

Cut pineapple into cubes and put it in the bowl with lemon juice and sugar. Blend at Speed 7 until you have an homogeneous puree.

Pour into calippo shape silicone moulds or in the classic ice lollies tray.

Keep in the freezer for at least one entire night.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Ghiaccioli all'Ananas col Bimby