Vegetable Seasoning to Prepare with Thermomix

Are you looking for a vegetable seasoning? Something that gives you vegetable seeds and nuts nourishment and could replace parmesan cheese or tomato because you are intolerant? I suggest you try this very unusual but "organic" recipe to discover a new way of feeding your body in a healthy way.

A friend of mine regularly goes to organic food shops and sometimes she brings me some new "mixture" to try. Actually she is convincing me it is very important paying attention to what we are eating especially because the product of our lands are not the same as they were some years ago.

It is one of Thermomix feature I love the most. It gives you the possibility of preparing at home basic ingredients and dressings such as the Vegetable Stock Cube or the Vanilla Sugar. Things produced by big industries, very unhealthy that we usually buy.

This odd recipe is Mara Benigni's from Camino (AL) recipe. Here it is her very interesting story: "I was looking for some info about food that could help me because I don't eat so much meat. I've found almonds, yeast and linseeds. Generally seeds are very rich in important nutrients so I thought I could unify them creating an alternative to parmesan cheese I put on top of pasta, as I also have high cholesterol levels problems. Sesame seeds are very good at seasoning. Unfortunately I did not have seaweed at home (Nori or kombu, both rich in essential nutrients). Next time I'll add them for sure to this preparation."

I suggest you try also the Make-ahead Mirepoix Soffritto as well as the Vanilla Sugar and the Vegetable Stock.


- 50 g Almonds
- 50 g Yeast, in flakes
- 20 g Flax seeds
- 20 f Pumpkin Seeds
- 20 g Sunflower Seeds
- 20 g Sesame Seeds
- 5 g Salt

How to prepare the Vegetable Seasoning

Roast pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. You can use a pan or the oven.

Put almonds and flax seeds in the bowl. 5 Sec. Speed 10.

Flax seeds must be very well mixed. Mix again if necessary but do not let it get warm.

Add the other ingredients and blend. 10 Sec. Speed 10.

Mara's advice

Yeast flakes, as well as seaweed, can be purchased in an herbalist's shop or an organic food shop.

It is very important the mixture do not get warm during the preparation because seeds must be mixed while cold.

Once ready you can put it in a glass jar and keep it refrigerated. It is an home-made alternative to the most famous Gomasio.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Insaporitore Vegetale da Preparare col Bimby

Photocredit: ctieman