Thermomix Plaited Rustic Brioche Bread Filled with Sausage and Fontina Cheese

This is a very smart idea for the preparation of a Rustic Brioche Bread Filled with Sausage and Fontina Cheese: a plait shaped brioche bread is always impressive!

Lucia Colagrossi is a follower on the Italian Facebook page of this website, she has taken the recipe from the Italian basic cookbook and she has changed some ingredients according to her taste. She has replaced speck with sausage and Asiago cheese with Fontina cheese :-). This is the freedom Thermomix gives you!

Open your fridge, take a look at what you've got and then use your imagination!!! :-)

I love this plait shape, I think it is so elegant and it's always a success when I bring it to the table. Also children have fun seeing this kind of food. They also try to plait the dough at times...the result is not perfect but they have such a great fun! Then I have to clean the floor from all those dough leftovers...that is my job....:-)

I often prepare plaited brioche bread, like the Sweet Brioche Bread, the Brioche Nutella (one of my successes) and the beautiful Briosci Cu' Zuccaru by the very good Anice e Cannella!


For the dough
- 250 g Milk
- 550 g Plain Flour
- 50 g Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
- 1 tsp Sugar
- 10 g Fine Salt
- 1 Cube Brewer's Yeast (about 20 g)
- 1 Egg
For the filling
- 100 g Sausage
- 100 g Fontina Cheese

For the spreading
- 1 Egg Yolk
- a little bit Milk

How to prepare the Plaited Rustic Brioche Bread Filled with Sausage and Fontina Cheese

Pour milk in the bowl. 30 Sec. 37°C Speed 1.

Put all the other ingredients inside the bowl to make the dough. 3 Min. Speed Dough Mode.

Put it in a large bowl and let it rest for about 1 hour.

In the meantime prepare the filling.

Put sausage in the bowl and grind. 5 Sec. Speed 5. Put aside.

Add fontina cheese in the bowl and grind. 5 Sec. Speed 7.

Mix sausage and fontina cheese.

Roll out the dough shaping to a rectangle and divide into three parts.

Spread a bit of sausage and cheese mixture on each piece of dough.

Close the three pieces forming cylinders to be plaited together.

Close the plait and put it inside a round baking pan. Or leave it opened and put it inside a rectangular baking pan.

Let leaven for other 30 Min.

Spread the plaited brioche bread with a whipped egg yolk with a hint of milk.

Bake into pre-heated oven for 30 Min. 200°C.

My advice

As Lucia did you can create your own plaited brioche bread filled with what you like the most!

To give it to children you must use for example ham or mortadella, instead of using sausage or speck.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Treccia Rustica Bimby Ripiena con Salsiccia e Fontina