Aubergines Parmigiana: Thermomix Recipe Lactose Free

Have you recently found out you're lactose intolerant? Would you like to taste a good portion of Aubergines Parmigiana? Here you are an alternative version of my Aubergines Parmigiana created for those who can't take lactose.

My friend Maddi has suggested me this tip. Maybe you remember her because I can't avoid talking about her. She is vegetarian and intolerant to a lot of foods. But she is a very good cook, luckily! Also her husband loves eating so much!

So, according to what Maddi told me, you can re-elaborate the recipe in a very ingenious way. Here what she wrote: "An advice for people like me, who have to avoid too much rich in lactose food: replace mozzarella with some crumbled Goat Ricotta (lactose-free cheese) and use only Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (which just contains lactose traces compared to the Grana Padano cheese). I can assure you the deliciousness is the same :)"


4 people serving

- 2 Aubergines
- Goat Milk Ricotta Cheese (lactose-free cheese)
- 80 g (circa) Parmigiano Reggiano (only Parmigiano Reggiano!)
- 1 can (400 g) Tomato Pulp
- 1/2 Onion
- 2 Springs Basil
- Salt to taste
- 40 g Olive Oil + as much as needed to fry

How to prepare the Aubergines Parmigiana Lactose Free

Cut aubergines in thick circular slices and fry them in plenty of hot oil. When the slices brown on both sides, remove them and place them on blotting paper. So they won’t be too greasy, but they will keep a good taste of fried food!

Meanwhile prepare the sauce. Put basil leaves in the TM bowl. 3 Sec. Speed 7.

Add 1/2 onion. 5 Sec. Speed 7.

Add olive oil. 3 Min. 100°C Speed 1.

Add canned tomatoes. 10 Min. 100°C Speed Gentle Stirring Reverse.

At the end of the cooking add salt. 10 Sec. Speed Gentle Stirring.

Take an oven dish and start making the layers. Make a layer of aubergines, then cover with grated goat ricotta, parmesan and sauce at the end. Make as much layers as you like according to your oven dish size. On the last layer, put only tomato sauce and parmesan (at last).

Bake at 220°C until you see a crunchy surface.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Melanzane alla Parmigiana Senza Lattosio col Bimby

Photocredit: stone-soup