Christmas Yule Log Cake: Thermomix Recipe

I think you must prepare the Belgian Christmas Yule Log Cake during these upcoming Christmas holidays! It is delicious!

Barbara Satalino from Rome sent me this Belgian version of the Christmas Yule Log Cake, called Kerststronk over there.

Barbara inherited this recipe from her mother-in-law and adapted it for Thermomix. I thank her so much for giving it to me is a real delicacy for your mouth and also very easy and comfortable to prepare thanks to Thermomix! :-)

The main characteristic of this dessert is its frosting, made with the Boterroom, a butter cream here flavoured with coffee, but you may also find it enriched with Vanilla or Hazelnut essences.

This is a typical Christmas dessert in Belgium, which is a country very rich in Christmas traditions, first among the others the traditional Christmas markets. I'd love to go to Brussels for a weekend for my Christmas holiday! I'd enjoy that magical atmosphere!

There are others Christmas International desserts and biscuits you can try, such as the Vanillekipferl, the Italian Regional Roccocò Biscuits and the Neapolitan Struffoli.

If you prefer a traditional recipe, then try the Soft Chocolate Turron, the Christmas Log Cake, the Panettone or the Pandoro Cake.


For the base

- 5 Eggs
- 150 g Sugar
- 150 g Plain Flour
- 1 Tsp Baking Powder

For the Boterroom (Buttercream)

- 250 g Butter
- 250 g Icing Sugar
- 1 espresso cup Strong Coffee

How to prepare the Christmas Yule Log Cake

Prepare the base. Put eggs and sugar inside the bowl. 3 Min 37°C Speed 3.

Keep whisking. 2 Min. Speed 3/4.

While the knives are moving, add sifted flour. 3 Min. Speed 3/4.

Once you have an homogenous mixture add the baking powder. 30 Sec. Speed 3.

Pour the mixture on a oven pan covered with wet kitchen paper and spread the mixture very well.

Bake in pre-heated oven at 200°C for 20 Min.

Prepare the Boterroom (Buttercream) mixing butter into pieces and icing sugar in the bowl at Speed 4 until creamy.

Now place the base on a wet cloth and spread it with 2/3 the buttercream.

Helping yourself with the cloth, wrap the base to form a log.

Add coffee to the remaining Boterroom and completely cover the log with it.

Use a fork to draw some lines on the log so that it will remind of a real wood log cortex.

Decorate as you prefer.

My advice

If you want children to eat this Yule Log too, avoid using coffee in the buttercream (boterroom) and add some cocoa powder to the base mixture!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Kerststronk col Bimby: Tronchetto Natalizio Belga

Photocredit: Lec