Thermomix Mascarpone Cake Filling Recipe

Are you looking for a filled cake idea? Then try this Thermomix Mascarpone Cake Filling recipe! The recipe has been sent by Elisa Bergamo from Trento who also took the picture.

Elisa called it "Creativity Cake", as it can be either eaten in its simple version or filled "with creativity" according to your personal tastes.

Elisa wrote: "I usually make this cake for any special occasion. I've "created" it taking inspiration from another cake and making some variations. It is always very soft and flavoured, and it rises a lot. It is very easy to cut in a half, even twice, and it can be easily fill with many different custard! I've recently made it on my mum's birthday: once cold after cooking in the oven, I've cut it in half and sprinkled it with orange liqueur, then I've filled it with a tasty cream I've invented at the very last moment. So good, fresh and luscious!".

The great thing about this cake, apart from its taste of course :-), is that you prepare it in a flash! So, you can use your time to dedicate on the filling. You must use your creativity to fill and decorate it!

Or, if you have not got enough time, you can it as it is! :-)

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about 16 slices

for the cake
- 2 Eggs
- 200 g Brown Sugar
- 350 g Plain Flour
- 1 pinch Salt
- 2 ml Vanilla Flavouring (or 1 Tbsp Vanilla Sugar)
- 15 g Baking Powder
- 1 Glass Milk (or 125 g yogurt)
- 1/2 Glass Vegetable Oil

to sprinkle the cake
- orange liqueur as much as needed

for the filling
- 250 g Pistachios
- 200 g Mascarpone Cheese
- 200 g Fresh Cream Cheese (here Philadelphia Yogurt Cheese)

for the decoration
- 200 g Mascarpone
- 2 Tbsp Icing Sugar
- a handful Pistachios
- a handful Chocolate Chips

How to prepare the Thermomix Mascarpone Cake Filling Recipe

Put all the ingredients for the cake inside the bowl except for baking powder. 1 Min. Speed 5.

Add baking powder. 15 Sec. Speed 6.

Butter and cover with flour a 26cm diameter baking pan and pour the cake mixture inside it. Bake. 160°C for 40 Min.

Meanwhile, prepare the mascarpone filling.

Grind pistachios. A few Sec. Speed 7.

Add mascarpone and cream cheese. Speed 4 until you have a well amalgamated mixture.

When the cake is cooked and cold, cut it in a half, sprinkle with orange liqueur and fill in using this cream.

Prepare the decoration.

Put mascarpone cheese and icing sugar in the bowl. 30 Sec. Speed 4.

Use this cream to cover the external part of the cake.

Eventually decorate the cake using ground pistachios and chocolate chips.

Elisa's advice

You can make a half more of the dough so that you have another cake level, like in the picture. :-)
Elisa increased the quantities without weighing because the baking pan she used is very small. She indicatively added 40 g of flour, half a glass of milk and a quarter glass of oil. The other ingredients are in the same quantities.
Then she filled the biggest cake and she covered it with the mascarpone cream. She cut and filled the smallest one too and placed it over the biggest one. Then she covered the smallest one too and decorate it all.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Torta Farcita con Crema al Mascarpone Bimby