Duck a l'Orange: Thermomix Recipe

When I think of Duck a l'Orange I immediately think of an Italian film by Luciano Salce "L'Anatra all'Arancia" (Italian for Duck a l'Orange) starring Ugo Tognazzi and Monica Vitti.

The plot was about an imagined aphrodisiac ingredient to be added to the duck. The recipe I am suggesting you does not contain any aphrodisiac ingredient but it is of a special deliciousness and elegance so that is perfect for every feast occasion. An assured success! You will be able to serve a magnificent and always acclaimed duck a l'orange!

Anyway you may also tell your guests it does include a special and mysterious ingredient... :-) In a way, there is, using your Thermomix :-)

I've always known that this dish origins were French. Then I read something about it on GialloZafferano: "People usually think duck à l'orange is a traditional French recipe but just a few people is aware of its real origin: it is an original Florence (Tuscany) cuisine recipe. This dish was brought to France by Catherine De Medici who married Henry II of France. When she had to move to France she decided to carry a bit of Florence with her. From Catherine's arrival France assists to an increasing mix between Florentine and French cuisine: from that moment on some recipes had been declared to be French. One of them is duck à l'orange, called "caneton a l'orange" in France".

Whatever its origin is, it is worth the taste at least once in your life! Then if it is an Italian dish, all the better!
This recipe has been posted on the Italian Facebook page of Thermomix-Recipes. by Elisa Nenci. I immediately loved it and decided to post it. I've made some changes anyway.


- 4 Organic Oranges
- 1 kg Duck, in pieces
- Lemon slices to soak duck
- 50 g Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
- 100 g Cognac
- 80 g Orange Juice
- 30 g Lemon Juice
- 100 g Vegetable Stock (use 1 tablespoon of thermomix stock cube to make it)
- 1 Shallot
- Salt
- Black pepper

For decoration
- 1 Orange

How to prepare the Duck a l'Orange with Thermomix

Put duck in pieces to soak in water with salt and lemon slices for 30 Min.

Wash oranges with water and bicarbonate. Cut them into strips and put aside.

Squeeze oranges and put their juice aside. You will need 80 g of this juice.

Put orange peels in cold water, and let boil for 2 Min.Repeat this operation for 3 times, changing cooking water. Put aside orange peels.

Drain the duck and remove lemon slices.

Put shallot in the bowl and chop. 5 Sec. Speed 7.

Gather on the bowl bottom and add oil and duck pieces. Sauté 10 Min. Temp. Varoma Reverse Speed Gentle Stir.

Add cognac and let evaporate. 2 Min. Temp. Varoma Reverse Speed Gentle Stir.

Pour in orange juice, lemon juice and the stock. Cook 40 Min. 100°C Speed Gentle Stir.

At the end of the cooking put duck pieces in the middle of a serving dish, decorate alternatively with orange slices and green salad.

Spread with remaining cooking sauce and serve hot.

How to prepare the Duck a l'Orange without Thermomix

My advice

You can decorate your dish as you like. I've used some onions and orange sections.

Elisa's advice

Decorate with orange slices and valerian salad.

Translated from the Italian recipe
Anatra All'Arancia: Ricetta Bimby

Photocredit: CairnsDining