Thermomix Nut Butter with Almond, Cashew and Brazil Nut

Thermomix Nut Butter with Almond Cashew and Brazil Nut

Are you a toasted bread addicted like me? Then you will fall in love with this appetising Thermomix Nut Butter with Almond, Cashew and Brazil Nut!

This recipe has been sent by Toula Bradshaw from Melbourne who told me: "Spread on toast....or eat it by the tablespoon! It's so addictive - Yummo!"

This Nut Butter is a great alternative to dairy butter or peanut butter, which can both be highly allergic. Many people asked me for dairy free recipes and recently even peanut free recipes. Well I think this recipe meets both your requests! :-)

This is a valuable alternative for both these groups of people but it can be a great surprise for those who usually eat animal derived butter.

However I cannot state it can be used the same way as butter is used, I mean in cooking as a grease, but it beautifully spreads on toasted bread!! :-)

Be careful to your daily energy intake anyway, nuts are particularly high in fat.

If I were you I would give it a try! :-) If you are a nut lover, then you won't stop preparing and eating it!

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for 450 g

- 150 g Raw Almonds
- 150 g Brazil Nuts
- 150 g Raw Cashews
- 1 Tbsp Grapeseed Oil

How to prepare Thermomix Nut Butter with Almond, Cashew and Brazil Nut

Pre-heat oven. 180°C (fan forced oven).

Roast the nuts approximately 10/15 Min.

Let them cool slightly.

Place nuts in clean TMX bowl

Grind. 4 Min. Speed 6 adding the oil the last two minutes.

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Photocredit: thetravellingbum