Thermomix Peanut Butter Recipe

Thermomix Peanut Butter Recipe

When I received this Thermomix Peanut Butter Recipe I just could not resist! I tried it immediately! I had never tasted Peanut Butter before and I must say it was surprisingly good!!

Peanut butter is so delicious that it can be addictive! That is why the healthier it is, the better you eat and feel!
Thermomix is an amazing machine, and hey, peanut butter lovers, this machine also allows you to prepare an outstanding peanut butter in one simple step!!
The proof of the pudding...:-)

Peanut butter is typically eaten spread on toasted bread, together with jam or alone (I tried it with cherry jam....mmmh!), but someone could also eat it directly with a spoon...can you remember gorgeous Brad Pitt in that famous scene of Meet Joe Black (1998)? I believe he is a handsome peanut butter man :)
Joe Black hadn't tried peanut butter before and once he tastes it he cannot stop eating it! :-) That is what happened to me too!

I must thank Angela Ready from Brisbane for this recipe, she sent me her own version of peanut butter along with this comment: "My husband and kids LOVE peanut butter! I have never been a fan because of the fat and salt content ( and let's face it the commercial low fat no salt are so bland!!) We use lots of different types of nuts but this is our families favourite. We are all happy with our "peanut better""

Peanut "better" that how she calls it!! And of course it is better than any industrial one!
Her recipe does not include any oil because she likes a smooth peanut butter. She said: "I blend it for so long that natural oil in the peanut is enough to bind it together"!

It can be used to prepare many other recipes. I have not got any experience at all with it, so I will be very glad to see some of your own recipes! Use this link to publish your Thermomix Recipes. :-)

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6 people serving

- 200 g Peanuts
- 50 g Macadamia Nut

How to prepare Thermomix Peanut Butter Recipe

Blend on Speed 7 until desired texture is achieved.

Just keep checking and scraping down sides.

Thermomix Peanut Butter

Angela's advice

Experiment by adding different types of nuts. I use unsalted peanuts and salted macadamias.

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