Thermomix Brandy Butter Recipe

Thermomix Brandy Butter Recipe

Thermomix Brandy Butter is a fantastic traditional recipe I've recently discovered.

That's a pity! I would have loved preparing my Mince Pies and serve a good brandy butter on their side.

But Brandy Butter is excellent not only with mince pies but also with a lovely Apple Strudel or Apple Pie or with an Apple and Amaretti Tart.

As I found on the Guardian website "Brandy butter has been around since the 1700s. This "hard sauce" is aptly named, the butter and sugar only softening when they meet the hot Christmas pudding".

Tradition calls for a Brandy Butter only for Christmas, but in my opinion it can work with any fruit pudding at any time of year.:-)

British people love it, it reminds them of childhood and cosy familiar traditions. However now they have to share this love with people from all over the world who also became passionate lovers of this "hard sauce".

It is a very simple and quick recipe you can prepare with your Thermomix to recreate Christmas atmosphere whenever you want. It can be enriched with dried fruits or nuts, citrus fruits peels or any other flavour, but it is traditionally prepared without anything else, as it is.

These two recipes were posted on Thermomix-Recipes Facebook page respectively by Lee Anne Carter and Helen Nevin and then I adapted them for Thermomix use.

Recipe 1
by Lee Anne Carter


- 1 cup Sugar
- 125 g Butter
- 4 Egg Yolks
- 1 cup Cream
- Brandy

How to prepare Lee Anne's Thermomix Brandy Butter

Process until smooth. 30 Sec. Speed 3/4.

Add 4 egg yolks one at a time till mixed in. 30 Sec. Speed 3/4.

Add 1 cup cream and brandy. Beat well. 20 Sec. Speed 4. and then cook until a consistency of thick cream. About 10 Min. 90°C Speed 1.

Recipe 2
by Helen Nevin


- ‎3 oz Butter (‎3 oz = 85 g approx)
- 3 oz Caster Sugar
- 3 tbsp Brandy
- Crystalised Cherries
- Walnuts

How to prepare Helen's Thermomix Brandy Butter

Cream butter till white. 15 Sec. Speed 4.

Beat in caster sugar gradually. 15 Sec. Speed 4.

Add brandy drop by drop. Beat vigourously. 15 Sec. Speed 4.

Mix in chopped cherries & walnuts. 10 Sec. Speed 2.

Lee Anne's advice

I double the mix for about 12 it is to die for!