Thermomix Mayonnaise Recipe

Thermomix Mayonnaise Recipe

Prepare the Thermomix mayonnaise: easy, fast and the result is really guaranteed ;-)

Mayonnaise is prepared by slowly adding the oil to an egg mixed with salt, lemon juice or vinegar. 

Sometimes, mustard is added to maintain its stability. Among the variations of the recipe is to consider the Thermomix cooked mayonnaise, also suitable for those who must avoid consuming raw eggs. 

Famous all over the world, this sauce in the kitchen is a real ace in the hole that is used in many ways such as, for example, in the elaboration of complex dishes, in the preparation of other sauces but also to enrich canapes and sandwiches and accompany fish, meat and vegetable dishes. 

Considering the "thousand" uses of mayonnaise, it must be admitted that it is much better to prepare it yourself rather than buying it! :-) 

Do you know why I like to make mayonnaise with the Thermomix? Homemade mayonnaise requires some precautions and, above all, a lot of patience. 

Thanks to the Thermomix and its lid equipped with a measuring cup, letting the oil drip slowly is no longer my problem :-)


- 300 g sunflower or peanut oil
- One 60 g egg at room temperature
- One yolk at room temperature
- 1/2 lemon juice
- A pinch of salt

Let's cook

Place a jug on the closed lid of the Thermomix, reset the tare of the scale and weigh 300 g of sunflower or peanut oil. Keep aside. 

In mixing bowl pour one yolk and one egg, the juice of 1/2 a lemon, the salt, close with the lid and put the measuring cup on top (upside down, that is, with the bottom upwards, if you have TM31). 

Pour the oil out of the lid, blending 1 Min. Reverse Speed 5.


To obtain a firmer mayonnaise, insert the butterfly and work 3 Min. Reverse Speed 4.

In the room where you prepare the mayonnaise, it must not be too hot, otherwise it will be difficult to assemble and it will disassemble very easily.

The yolk should be at room temperature if possible.

Seasonings should always be added at the end. For storage, cover the mayonnaise with cling film and it will keep for 1-2 days maximum.

Or store the mayonnaise in the refrigerator in an airtight container. If it does not take air, it remains unchanged for 8 days.

Translated from the Italian recipeMaionese Bimby
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