Thermomix Mayonnaise Recipe

Thermomix Mayonnaise Recipe

Thermomix Mayonnaise is a creamy homogeneous sauce, pale yellow-white coloured whose origins are still uncertain.

Regarding its history here is what I read on Yellow Saffron: "Basically there are two most trusty versions: the first one claims the name mayonnaise originates from the Spanish town of Mahon where in 1757 the military chef of Armand de la Porte, duke of Richelieu, created a raw oil and egg yolk based sauce from scratch. The second version tells the name mayonnaise derives from the ancient French term Moyeau) meaning egg yolk".

This mayonnaise is a mixture of oil, created by slowly adding oil to a whipped salted egg with lemon juice or vinegar (or both) and a bit of dried mustard at times to maintain its stability.

Mayonnaise is famous all over the world and it is an ace up everyone's sleeve that can be used in various ways, in elaborate preparations, in other sauces but also to enrich tartar sauces and sandwiches or to accompany fish, meat and vegetables.

Considering mayonnaise can be used in a vast range of ways, the quickness and easiness of this Thermomix recipe and the fact it allows you to prepare a great mayonnaise just in 60 seconds, you must admit preparing it at home is way better than buying it! :-)

Recipe 1

This recipe is on the Italian basic cookbook.


- 300 g Vegetable Oil

- 1 Egg (60 g), at room temperature

- 1 Egg-yolk, at room temperature

- 1/2 a Lemon Juice

- 1 Pinch Fine Salt

How to prepare mayonnaise

Place a bowl on tm closed lid and use tm scales to weigh oil. Put aside.

Put eggs, lemon juice, salt in tm bowl. Close the lid and put measuring cap in its place.

Pour oil on the lid, slightly, while mixing 1 Min. Reverse. Speed 5.

Recipe 2

I've found this recipe on the website It is very similar to the first one, but it includes more oil and timing is different.


- 1 Egg

- 1 Egg-yolk

- 350 g Vegetable Oil

- 25-30 g Lemon Juice

- Salt, to taste

How to prepare mayonnaise

Put eggs, lemon juice and salt in the bowl. 1 Min. Speed 4.

Now start mixing at Speed 5 while pouring oil directly on the lid, measuring cap must be inclined because the oil must slightly go down, set Speed 6. When you finish adding oil, amalgamate a few seconds Speed 7.

How to prepare a perfect mayonnaise and how to preserve it

To get a thicker mayonnaise, place the butterfly tool and mix. 3 Min. Speed 4 Reverse.

It should not be too hot in the room where you are preparing your mayonnaise. Otherwise whipping it could be difficult.

The egg-yolk should be at room temperature, preferably.

Condiments must be added at the end of the preparation.

About preservation: cover your mayonnaise with some clingfilm. This way you can preserve it for a couple of days. Or keep it refrigerated in a hermetically closed box. If it does not get in contact with air, it will be perfectly preserved for 8 days.

Mayonnaise variants

Changing your ingredients you can get different mayonnaise variants as suggested on the Italian basic cookbook and on the website Al Femminile:

Garlic Mayonnaise: add two garlic cloves, black pepper and half a lemon juice to your mayonnaise.

Basil Sauce: add three basil leaves to your mayonnaise

Cocktail Sauce: basic mayonnaise recipe + 2 drops tabasco sauce , 1 tablespoon of tomato ketchup or concentrated tomato, + sugar, 1 drop Cognac or Whiskey and a few drops of Worchester sauce.

Tartar Sauce: 25 cl oil, 1 hard-boiled egg-yolk mashed, 1 tablespoon mustard, 1 tablespoon ground capers, 1 tablespoon ground gherkins, 1 tablespoon ground onion, 1 tablespoon ground herbs (parsley, chives, tarragon, chervil). Serve it with a tartar, obviously!

Green Sauce: Basic mayonnaise recipe + 3 minced anchovies, 2 garlic cloves mashed, two hard-boiled egg-yolks mashed, 1 drop vinegar, a few ground capers, a handful of breadcrumbs, chopped parsley and 25 cl oil.

«Bourguignonne» sauce: Basic mayonnaise recipe + concentrated tomato and a red wine and onion sauce.

Avocado Mayonnaise: Basic mayonnaise recipe + 1 or 2 mixed avocados (perhaps flavoured with lemon, tabasco, onion and chilli pepper...)

As you like it!

Add whatever you want to your mayonnaise! Herbs (thyme, dill...), spices (paprika, green pepper...), condiments (ground olives...)...always amalgamate in a very slow and delicate way to maintain your mayonnaise whipped.

Maria Azzurra Leoni's advice

I prepare mayonnaise using this recipe: place butterfly tool in the bowl. Add an egg and an egg-yolk, a tablespoon white vinegar and a pinch salt. While adding 300 g oil I mix the whole thing Speed 4. for 45 Sec. Delicious!!

How to prepare mayonnaise without Thermomix

Translated from the Italian recipe

Maionese Bimby