Best Thermomix Cookbooks

Best Thermomix Cookbooks
When it comes to Thermomix cookbooks we really are spoiled for choice, don't you think? From simple pamphlets with basic instructions to fantastic glossy books filled with wonderful pics, professional foodies have catered for all of our kitchen-literature needs ;-)

Although most of us use tablets or laptops to look up recipes, we all have a kitchen shelf with one or two splendid cookbooks on display, am I right? It just feels good to turn the pages, scroll down with our fingers and stare at the pictures. We can bookmark our favourite recipes, write side notes with a pencil and nowadays using a real-life paper cookbook adds that extra vintage vibe to the whole cooking experience!

As you know, I still have my old notebook where I have collected all of my favourite recipes since I was a kid, so to me the smell and feel of paper can't be replaced!

But I'd love to hear from you on this matter: do you have specific Thermomix cookbooks? Which ones do you like the most, and why? Any good ones you'd like to let us all know about? Maybe you wrote one yourself?

For what I am concerned, I have no doubts: Tenina absolutely rocks the industry with her two best sellers: "Keeping it Simple" and "For Food's Sake". They're beautiful to look at, are filled with stunning cooking ideas and her vibrant personality is all over them, I really enjoy using them every day when experimenting with my Thermie.

Below is the Best Thermomix Cookbook Top 3 made with the help of your comments under this post:
  1. "For Food's Sake" by Tenina Holder
  2. "Keeping It Simple" by Tenina Holder
  3. "Quick & Easy Indian Cooking" by Madhur Jaffrey's

So, my personal Thermomix Cookbook Parade features Tenina's titles as number 1 and 2... do you agree? Leave your comments below this post with your suggestions for the best Thermomix cookbooks out there!!

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