What a news!!! The new Thermomix TM6 has just arrived, a very unexpected 2019 exit, even if something was felt in the air as early as March 7th ... starting from the change concerning the sale of the collections.

REMEMBER, I’m not sponsored by Thermomix at all!!!! I'm just FAN number 1 of THERMOMIX :-)

Lets see together the functions, the novelties and the characteristics.

Thermomix TM6 news

New measuring cup, new spatula, new accessory called splash guard, new simmering basket with lid, Temperatures up to 160C, precision weighing to the gram, new cooking functions, fermentation mode, integrated Cookidoo, bigger Screen.

And the bowl? Many of us would like a mega Thermomix :-) The TM6 bowl has the same capacity, but the seal has been improved and the liquids don't come out, with the risk of ending up on the contacts ...

Thermomix TM6 price

The price of TM6 is $ 2,269 AU dollar, $1,499 US dollar (plus shipping and applicable taxes), £1,099 (UK) and € 1359 Euro.

The price includes: the Welcome Book, the mug, Varoma, basket, butterfly, splash guard, a new spatula, measuring cup, unlimited access to Cookidoo® recipes for six months.

TM6 Thermomix functions

The new functions declared by the parent company include:
- Caramelizing
- Sous-vide
- Fermentation
- Self-cleaning

The new TM6 manages to caramelize and brown the meat better because its temperature reaches 160°.

One of the functions I can't wait to see at work is the Cleaning function, which is activated with a command.

What do you think of the new born? What is the new feature that intrigues you the most? Write it in the comments below !!

Translated from the Italian recipe
Copyright: NEW THERMOMIX TM6: PRICE AND FEATURES 2019 from Thermomix Recipes
Photocredit: Thermomix Recipes