Hummus Thermomix recipe

Hummus Thermomix recipe

I could have breakfast, lunch and dinner with Hummus, it's sooooooo good !! Do you agree? I think it is one of the recipes I immediately think of when there is a buffet or a cold appetizer to prepare.

Here is a quick recipe to use for any eventuality :-) If, in fact, you don't have the time to boil the chickpeas, prepare the tahina and so on, as I do with the classic hummus recipe, there is a plan B!

If you like, you can prepare your own tahina (or tahini) with your Thermomix :-)!

Good cooking ;-)


(for 4 people)
- 400 g of boiled chickpeas
- 50 g of tahina
- A small clove of garlic
- Juice a lemon (15-20 g)
- 50 g of chickpea cooking liquid (or water)
- paprika to taste
- alt to taste.
- A tsp of cumin seeds (optional)

How to prepare Hummus

Put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and blend, gradually increasing the speed, 40 Sec. Speed 7. If necessary mix with your spatula.

Transfer to a bowl and serve, or store in a suitable container in the refrigerator.

My advice

In this fast hummus I don't add oil, because tahina (or tahini) is already oily... If you want, add a spoonful of oil in the preparation.

To serve it better, after having spread it on a saucer with the back of a spoon, sprinkle the hummus with fresh chopped coriander, a sprinkling of paprika and a drizzle of oil.

Translated from the Hummus veloce
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