Lemon Curd Thermomix

Lemon Curd Thermomix

Lemon curd is an exceptional lemon cream. Of English origin, it peeps out on British tables around 5pm... tea time! Am I right? :-)

This cream is used not only to stuff cakes and sweets of all kinds, but it is also consumed as a spoon dessert, spread on bread or enjoyed with the legendary scones, the neutral-flavored little breads.

With an intense lemon flavor, lemon curd is a real treat for fans of this citrus fruit.

How do you prefer to eat this cream? in a cake, in a pastry or on bread?


(for 300 g)
- 2 untreated lemons
- 80 g sugar
- 100 g lemon juice
- 80 g butter
- 2 eggs

Let's cook

Take the zest of 2 untreated lemons with a potato peeler and put in the mixing bowl.

Add 80 g sugar and mix 20 Sec. Speed 8.

Bring to the bottom with the spatula and repeat 10 Sec. Speed 7.

Pour 100 g of lemon juice into the mixing bowl, add 80 g butter, 2 eggs and cook 20 Min. 90C Speed 2, the first 10 Min. with the measuring cup inserted, then without measuring cup.

Once thickened, blend 20 Sec. Speed 5.

Use lemon curd as you like.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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