PlayDough plasticine in the Thermomix

Thermomix Playdough Recipe

Have you ever thought of making homemade PlayDough plasticine in the Thermomix?

Children really like to "mess around" and sometimes we parents prevent them because they get too dirty. But it's their job and, as my daughter's teacher says, every spot is a trophy!

Not to mention that salt paste is one of the cleanest pasty games and that a plastic placemat on the table is enough to avoid any irreparable damage.

And then, think about the satisfaction in observing that look of amazement in the child who sees nothing less than the Thermomix that... he did it! A fantastic magic to be done at home in seconds, saving money and offering your child a more constructive game than cartoons!

So maybe while he, she or they knead, cut, roll etc., you can relax for a moment or cook yourself, but some more edible dishes !!!

If you want to replace powder food dyes, a little more expensive, with liquid food dyes, look at the tips below. If you have suggestions for natural colours, they are welcome! For example I use turmeric for yellow ...

A very nice alternative to plasticine, is the modeling paste made of bicarbonate, fabulous because you can harden it and it has a good yield, you can even paint it!


- 4 measuring cups white flour
- 3 measuring cups water
- 2 measuring cups fine salt
- 1/2 measuring cup powdered dye
- 3 tbsp seed oil
- 2 tbsp cream of tartar

Let's cook

Put 4 measuring cups white flour, 3 measuring cups water, 2 measuring cups fine salt, 1/2 measuring cup powdered dye, 3 tbsp seed oil and 3 tbsp cream of tartar in the mixing bowl. Cook 5 Min. 100C Speed 3/4.

When ready, a ball will form and detach from the sides of the mixing bowl.


You can also try using liquid food colours, which are easily found in the supermarket and are a little cheaper. In this case, replace one or half measuring cup water with the dye, depending on the intensity you want to obtain. For example, to have a beautiful fuchsia pink I use 2 and a half measuring cup water and half of red dye. If you do other experiments, add them in the comments, thanks ;-)

You can keep the plasticine in the old plasticine jars or in any jar you have at home.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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