Thermomix Burger Buns

Thermomix Burger Bun

Fast food evening? Okay, as long as it's healthy. Just make homemade Thermomix burger buns with this truly amazing recipe!

The hamburger is a practically safe way to make children eat meat, even those who generally turn up their noses. You can use white or red meats, it depends on what do you prefer to eat.

Prepare hamburgers sandwiches then add salad, a slice of tomato, edamer or emmentaler cheese and taste with ketchup or mayonnaise :-)


(for 10 pieces)
For the dough
- 220 g whole milk
- 25 g fresh yeast
- 375 g white flour (All-purpose flour)
- 125 g very fine flour (Pastry flour)
- 10 g honey
- 15 g sugar
- An egg
- 100 g soft butter
- 10 g salt

For the surface of the sandwiches
- 1 yolk
- 4 tbsp whole milk
- Sesame seeds to taste

Let's cook

Put 220 g whole milk, 25 g fresh yeast in the mixing bowl and melt 1 Min. 37C Speed 1.

Put the two flours, 375 g regular plain flour and 125 g all-purpose flour , into the same bowl.

Add 250 g of mixed flour, 10 g honey, 15 g sugar and mix 1 Min. Speed 2.

Add the other half of the mixed flour, leaving 2 tbsp aside, and the egg and mix 2 Min. Speed 2.

Add 50 g butter and knead 2 Min. Dough mode.

Add another 50 g butter and 10 g salt. 2 Min. Dough mode.

Add the last 2 tbsp of flour and work 2 more 2 Min. Dough mode.

Transfer the dough to a large bowl, cover with cling film or with a shower cap and let rise for 1 hour, while the dough has not doubled in volume.

Work the dough a little to deflate it and so to have balls of 80/85 g each.

Roll on the work surface until smooth and homogeneous balls are obtained.

Place the balls well spaced on a baking sheet covered with backing paper and let rise another 1 hour.

Beat the yolk with 4 tbsp milk and brush the rolls, then sprinkle the surface with the sesame seeds.

Bake the buns 15 Min. 160C, until they are golden brown.


If you don't eat the buns right away, you can freeze them. Just pass them in the oven at 100C for a few minutes and they will come back as fresh.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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