How to melt chocolate in the Thermomix

How to melt chocolate in the Thermomix

Do you want to know how to melt chocolate with your Thermomix?

Sometimes I need to melt the chocolate to make chocolates, cake decorations, chocolate chips etc.

Normally it is used to melt it in bain-marie, someone also melts it in the microwave.

A bain-marie is fine, but you have to stay there with the whisk to mix ... the microwave instead does not mix and you have to do it quickly when you remove the chocolate from the oven. And then not all of us have it :-)

Melted chocolate with the Thermomix
The method I prefer is the Thermomix: only the mixing bowl is dirty, the chocolate melts gently and at a controlled temperature, in addition the Thermomix mixes!

You can choose to melt any type of chocolate: milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate.

In any case, the first thing to do in the Thermomix is ​​to chop the chocolate. I tear it to pieces in the mixing bowl and take it to Speed 8 for a minimum of 20 Sec. and a maximum of 40. It depends on how much I put in it and how big my pieces are. If it is not much, I limit myself to a few Turbo shots!

Then I proceed to melt the chocolate. In this way the process is faster and no lumps remain.

The ideal temperature for melting chocolate is 50C and with the Thermomix you can reach it and keep it in a controlled and very precise way. You have to set the time based on the quality and quantity of the chocolate. A white chocolate will melt much faster than dark chocolate ...

You can use melted chocolate to decorate or to create small and delicious chocolate chips.

Translated from the Italian recipe
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