Thermomix Pizza Muffins

Thermomix Pizza Muffins

Cute and delicious to be snapped up and suitable for many occasions, the Thermomix pizza muffins make children crazy and are also fun to prepare for us mothers!

I also love the Thermomix pizza muffins, because they are a good and very practical snack: for the school, for the summer center, for the park, for the picnic, for the swimming pool ... The baking cups, in fact, also act as a handkerchief and your hands they get less dirty. ;-)

You need


(for 12 pieces)
For the dough
- 300 g water
- 15 g fresh brewer's yeast
- A tsp honey
- 500 g strong bread flour
- 10 g salt
- 20 g extra virgin olive oil

For the stuffing
- 200 g semi-hard cow cheese (in Italy we use Provola)
- 400 g peeled plum tomatoes
- 10 g extra virgin olive oil
- 2 sprigs of fresh oregano
- Salt to taste
- Pepper as needed

Let's cook

Pour 200 g of water into the mixing bowl, add 15 g brewer's yeast and a tsp honey. Mix 1 Min. 37C Speed 1.

Add 200 g strong bread flour and knead 30 Sec. Dough Mode. Leave to rest for 20-30 Min. in the mixing bowl.

Add 100 g water, 300 g strong bread flour, 10 g of salt and knead 30 Sec. Dough Mode.

Pour 20 g extra virgin olive oil through the hole in the lid and knead 15 Sec. Dough Mode.

Transfer the dough to a floured work surface, form a ball and put it to rise in a bowl coverd with cling film in a sheltered place until doubled in volume, about 1 hour.

Wash your mixing bowl.

Put 200 g semi-hard cow cheese in the Thermomix and mix 5 Sec. Speed 5. Set aside.

Put 400 g of peeled plum tomatoes, 10 g extra virgin olive oil, the leaves of 2 oregano sprigs, salt, pepper and mix 5 Sec. Speed 8.

Turn on the oven at 180C.

Prepare the muffin molds.

Take the dough and form 12 balls of equal weight.

Crush each ball and shape the pizzas.

Put the tomato in the center, add some chopped cheese and close as if it were a bundle.

Repeat for all the pizzas.

Put in the molds, sprinkle again with a little tomato and bake for 20 Min. 180C.

Serve warm.


For baking use the classic muffin tray with paper cups, or silicone molds or disposable aluminum single-serving molds.

Check the baking of the muffins before baking them: they must be well swollen and slightly colored on the surface, the tomato must be dry.

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Translated from the Italian recipe
Copyright: Thermomix Pizza Muffins from Thermomix Recipes
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