Tapenade Sauce Thermomix

Tapenade Sauce Thermomix
Vive la Provence and its sauces! Have you ever tasted tapenade sauce?

It is a sauce made with black olives, anchovies, capers and, in some versions, lime juice. I particularly liked the one with lemon juice, so this is the one I propose :-) 

If you like olive pate you have to try this which, after all, is an enriched version. 

To spread on croutons or canapes, you can also use it to stuff white meat rolls or to cook chicken pieces.


- 300 g pitted black olives 
- 80 g anchovy fillets in oil
- 30 g salted capers 
- one lemon (juice) 
- a measuring cup of extra virgin olive oil + as needed 
- pepper as needed

Let's cook

Put in the mixing bowl 300 g pitted black olives, 80 g drained anchovies in oil, 30 g desalted capers and mince 30 Sec. Speed 2 to 5

Collect the bottom with the spatula and add the juice of a filtered lemon. 

With the blades in motion 1 Min. Speed 5, add a measuring spoon of extra virgin olive oil from the hole in the lid.  
Mix 2 Shots Speed Turbo

Transfer to a bowl or jar, cover with oil to taste and let it rest for at least 1 hour before using.


Don't you like anchovies too much? Replace them partially or completely with tuna in oil. 
Remove the salt from the capers well! There are also anchovies ... you risk making the sauce too savory.

You can also use pickled capers. In this case, remove the lemon from the ingredients.There are those who also put a clove of garlic in it. It's up to you ;-)

Translated from the
Tapenade Bimby
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