Pumpkin Cake Thermomix

Pumpkin Cake Thermomix

How about trying a pumpkin cake made with Thermomix?

I like healthy and fresh products and I still remember when I was lucky enough to have some home grown organic pumpkin available. A dear uncle from Sicily, in fact, had the audacious idea of sending his Roman nephews, by courier, a huge pumpkin from his garden!

Sharing what we cultivate is a nice gesture and helps to circulate the culture of good and fresh things.

The ingredients are very important! To make the Thermomix pumpkin cake turn out well, choose a classic pumpkin, with a nice orange and ripe flesh ;-)

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(8 people)
- 210 g sugar
- 250 g pumpkin
- 100 g dark chocolate
- 80 g almonds
- 125 g unsalted butter
- 3 eggs
- 200 g plain flour
- 150 g potato starch
- 16 g baking powder

Let's cook

Pour 50 g of sugar into the mixing bowl 10 Sec. Speed 9.

Keep the icing sugar in a bowl so obtained that you will use to decorate the cake.

Without rinsing the mixing bowl pour 250 g chopped pumpkin, 100 g chocolate and 80 g almonds and mix 30 Sec. Speed 6-7.

Add 125 g unsalted butter in chunks, 3 eggs, 190 g sugar, 200 g plain flour and 150 g potato starchand mix 1 Min. Speed 5.

Add 16 g backing power and mix 30 Sec. Speed 5

Pour the mixture into a 24 cm cake pan previously greased and floured (or with parchment paper).

Bake 35 Min. At 180C

Leave to cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.


For a party you can also bake it in a rectangular pan, so as to cut it into squares!

If you like , you can add a sprinkle of cinnamon in the dough, when you add the flour.

You can replace the butter with 100 g of sunflower oil (or other seed oil).

Translated from the Torta alla zucca
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