Thermomix Gravy

Thermomix Gravy

Sunday roasts I don't fear you! Thanks to this simplified and quick version of the gravy sauce with the Thermomix, in a few moments I have a really tasty sauce to dress them :-) Gravy is used in English and American cuisine. It has as its base the cooking juices of the meat and is used to season roasts, the classic Thanksgiving turkey or mashed potatoes. Thanks to its consistency, fluid but at the same time velvety, it wraps meat and vegetables in a mantle of goodness! Below I propose the version of the Thermomix gravy sauce with meat broth in place of the cooking sauce. To make it first, you can also use a meat broth prepared with the Thermomix meat stock. However, since there is broth, it has a lighter color than the brown tones typical of the version with the base. It's not my invention: the version with broth is widespread and appreciated even in the lands of origin, so ar not committing a culinary crime by preparing it like this :-) The memory I have of this sauce is linked to roasts, but once I also found it as an accompaniment to the club sandwich with fried potatoes ... I didn't want to believe it !!! However, used for its original function, it is for Sunday lunch!


(for 8 people)
- 480 g meat broth
- 60 g unsalted butter
- 40 g plain flour
- Salt to taste
- Black pepper to taste
- Nutmeg to taste

Let's cook

Heat 480 g meat broth in a saucepan.

Put 60 g butter in the mixing bowl and heat 2 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 2.

Add 40 g plain flour and heat 2 Min. Varoma Temp. Speed 2.

Cook 7 Min. 100C Speed 3 slowly adding the hot broth from the hole in the lid (I help myself with a ladle).

Taste the sauce and season with salt. Then add a grind of black pepper, a grated nutmeg and mix 1 Min. Speed 2.


Do you prefer a velvety sauce? Replace the flour with corn starch.

Translated from the Salsa Gravy
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