Pizzasauce with Thermomix

Pizzasauce with Thermomix

The pizzasauce with Thermomix is essential that it is done really well!

"But isn't it easier to do it in the pot instead of in the Thermomix?"

"Why use the Thermomix to make a simple tomato sauce?"

I hear, sometimes, someone say or write on Facebook comments with a hint of controversy.

Of course, like everything else, Thermomix does what you can do also in pans or with other tools.

The point is that the Thermomix makes your work easier, speeds it up, prevents your food from being burned, and turns in your place ...

In particular, to prepare the pizzasauce I recommend you to follow this recipe of mine because:

- the doses are perfect for a pizza dough
- the sauce does not stick
- you don't have to turn it (and in the meantime go do other things ...)
- you cook it and, if you use the peeled tomatoes, then you also blend it (without the need to dirty the blender ...)
- it is very good!

Many of you have also appreciated, for the same reasons I listed above, making tomato puree with the Thermomix! Really perfect!


(For a dough pizza))
- A clove of garlic
- 60 g extra virgin olive oil
- 400 g tomato puree (or peeled plum tomatoes)
- Oregano or basil to taste
- Salt to taste

Let's cook

Put a clove of garlic in the mixing bowl.

Add 60 g extra virgin olive oil and cook 3 Min. 120C Reverse Soft Speed.

Add 400 g of tomato puree (or peeled plum tomatoes).

Put the simmering basket on the lid to avoid splashes of sauce and cook 15 Min. 100C Reverse Soft Speed.

Add oregano or basil and salt to taste and mix 30 Sec. Reverse Speed 2.
Before using the sauce, remove the clove of garlic.


Depending on the season, you can use fresh or dried oregano and basil.

You can add some chili if you like spicy!

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